5 Reasons Why Custom Face Masks Are The New Hit

5 Reasons Why Custom Face Masks Are The New Hit

Businesses have quickly found a way to increase revenue by adding face masks to the shop list. As different brands kept launching their own version of face masks, a whole new product category took form. Different foundations and organizations found ways to produce sustainable cloth masks and donated them to health workers and the general public.

We all know that face masks serve as an important protective measure for prophylactic purposes, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it evolved into something more – a necessity that eventually became a fashion statement.

The creative community and some skilled entrepreneurs took this chance to showcase their innovative ideas which greatly influenced the core of health and fashion. Covering half of the face with a piece of linen or cloth is not something that you can anticipate to be a worldwide adapted fashion piece, and yet, it looks like face masks are here to stay.

Fashion by Way of Necessity

The World Health Organization recommended everyone to wear a face mask as a precaution and to suppress the chances for transmission – vaccinated or not. Not only does it help lessen the risk of contraction but it also gives a sense of security and a great way to show support for the community. Medical-grade masks are the best option but since there has been a shortage of supply and demand is continuously rising in different countries, people have come up with ways to find an alternative means of protection, and this is by using custom-made masks. It may not be as safe compared to the medical-grade ones but it still helps block off pathogens, bacteria, and other harmful debris in the air, and still, wearing a face mask is better than not wearing one.

Customized face masks are the newest innovation for the “new normal”. It’s unlikely that we’ll be saying goodbye to them anytime soon. We’ve even seen interesting face mask concepts from high-tech brands like Razer’s Project Hazel. Many of today’s fashion staples already include a matching face mask to complete any look. In Paris, several luxury brands have produced their own collection of designer face masks in support to the latest trend. With this, custom face masks quickly became a fashion staple. Even though having a downside of covering most of our facial features and being unable to communicate using visual cues, fashion brands have come up with an alternative way to self-express and make a first impression. One of the creative ways to self-express is wearing customized printed apparel with a matching face mask. What’s better than putting your own design on your clothing? Brands like Frankdoolittle who make union apparel are selling face masks that go with your style. It’s a great way to make a silver lining out of a dark cloud.

Customized face masks will surely become a more popular fashion staple in the next years to come. More innovation may take place and the familiarity for face masks won’t be gone anytime soon. With the creativity and genius ideas of this generation, we can expect a more amazing outcome in the near future. But for now, here are some of the reasons why opting for a custom face mask is the new trend.

1. A Whole New Form of Self-Expression

Wearing a mask can cover almost half of your face making it hard to communicate through facial expression and visual cues, but a custom mask is a way to still show your personality. The reason behind this is that customized masks can be adjusted or modified according to the wearer’s preference. Moreover, customized face masks can be printed and personalized to showcase your own personal style. Not only does it help reduce the risk of exposure to illnesses but it also serves as a great conversation starter! In Ireland, when the coronavirus coincided with St. Patrick’s Day, many people opted for St. Patrick-themed masks created by independent designers. Some even used face masks to showcase their creativity and amazing crafting skills. People found ways to express their innate style by customizing face masks and using them as a different form of self-expression.

The widespread wearing of face masks is not likely to go anytime soon, with this, fashion designers have quickly adapted to these changes and turned it into something that more people will be encouraged to wear. Stripping people of the ability to express emotions can take a toll, but with the help of customized face masks, it can also turn things around by using a creative approach. Functionality aside, fashion will always find its way.

2. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Customized face masks come in a variety of colors, designs, and shapes. Unlike store-bought surgical masks, customized face masks can be altered, personalized, and printed with your preferred logo/design. A lot of different material options are being utilized such as cotton, linen, woven cloth, and even used clothing fabric – which is way more comfortable (and skin-friendly!) compared to the medical-grade masks. They can also be washed and reused, making it a more sustainable way to reduce waste. Major fashion brands have been stepping in to help create reusable and stylish face masks for the general public. In 2020, the Italian brand Prada produced 110,000 face masks at one of its factories for Italian medical personnel. Some other renowned brands like Chanel, Saint Lauren, Balenciaga, and Zara also joined the cause.

3. Brand Awareness

Many businesses, small or big have taken a step forward in maximizing the opportunity of the booming face mask industry. A lot of players released their own version of face mask, with a fully customizable design. Incorporating your brand logo on a face mask is a unique and great way to promote and boost your brand awareness, not to mention how clever the approach is! Imagine wearing a face mask with your brand on it while taking a walk in the park or while having a quick trip to the grocery store, the first thing that people will notice is your mask.

Some companies saw this opportunity and added custom face masks in their employee uniforms. Printing their logo on the masks is a subtle way of promoting brand recognition. Of course, this is not a secret to many, even luxurious brands released their own collection of designer masks. In the recent 2021 Tokyo Olympics, different countries that participated opted to use their very own branding of face masks instead of the blue medical ones. Some designed it plain while others used the opportunity to take full creative license. This shows how effective face masks can be in terms of marketing and advertising.

4. Variety of Options

When it comes to choices, you can’t run out of options on customized face masks. A lot of brand manufacturers (and even small businesses) are now utilizing different sustainable materials like cotton, cloth, and even sports apparel materials like spandex. In Asian countries, the trend for streetwear masks has become phenomenal. Some used a cultural approach by incorporating patterns and prints – like the Indonesian batik, Japanese Harakuru, and African kente style.

Other apparel brands quickly adapted to the changes and released their own version of face masks. A sports company reported having turned apparel materials into breathable masks that target athletes and sports enthusiasts. Many small business owners and independent artists used social media platforms to showcase their creativity and reach the massive market the internet has to offer. Some even used Tiktok and made their way into the trending list.

With the growing number of creators of custom masks, the supply is continuously expanding. With this, a wide variety of face masks are now available for the general public. A word of caution: Not all custom masks are medical-grade. They will help in filtering debris, dust, dirt, or an accidental spray when talking to someone but not all are designed for doctors, nurses, or frontline workers. Regardless of its functionality, wearing customized face masks gives a sense of security and also shows support in taking a part in the global effort of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

5. Fitting to Any Event

Have you ever experienced attending a wedding or party and being fully styled from head to toe then there goes the mask, which totally ruins the whole outfit? Custom face masks are just the right choice to use for such events. Whether you’re going out for casual walks or attending a formal gathering, you can find the best fitting mask for any occasion using the customized masks.

Many fashion brands are pivoting to make stylish masks that cater to all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a day-to-day mask or simply getting ready to match your outfit for that special occasion, a custom mask is surely a safe choice. With businesses embarking on the custom face mask industry, more and more manufacturers have quickly learned how to create different kinds of face masks for all kinds of occasions. Whether it’s for a wedding, a reunion, birthday, anniversary, party, or even formal gatherings, you can surely get the right face mask you need without breaking a sweat.


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