4 Benefits Of Tape In Hair Extensions As Compared To Their Counterparts

4 Benefits Of Tape In Hair Extensions As Compared To Their Counterparts

Hair extensions are the newest and the most popular beauty trend of this decade. Long luscious locks give you a sense of confidence that you cannot achieve anywhere else, and the fact that you can have longer, thicker hair in a matter of hours using hair extensions is undeniably attractive.

However, if you are a newbie to the world of extensions, you may likely get overwhelmed with all the different choices that you have. There exist faux and synthetic extensions in addition to natural human hair ones. Extensions also differ in terms of how they are attached to your natural hairline with clip-in, tape-in, sew-in, and nano-ring hair extensions.

Out of all of these different choices, the most popular kind of extensions for newbies are tape in human hair extensions, and given below are a few benefits of those over the other types:

They are low maintenance

Tape in extensions is quite possibly the easiest type of extension to maintain due to them being lightweight. Once these are taped into place by an experienced professional, the person wearing them can simply forget that they even have them on for at least 10 weeks. While other types such as nano ring and clip-in extensions require multiple maintenance appointments and touch-ups, these do not.

They are the least damaging to your hair

Tape in hair extensions causes the least damage to your natural hairline. Since these wefts are lightweight, they cause the least strain and tug at your natural hairline, and if your natural hair grows, these simply drop down along with them. In comparison, clip-in hair extensions are very heavy and nano ring ones tend to tug at your hair. Micro and individual hair extensions tend to tangle a lot and hence harm your natural hair.

They are reusable

Tape in hair extensions are reusable for 3-4 applications and can last you for at least a year. Being able to reuse your hair extensions is a blessing, especially if you have had them customized to match your natural hair color or a particular cut and style. Once your tape in hair extensions wears out after 10-12 weeks, you would simply need to have them removed professionally, wash them along with your natural hair, and simply reapply.

They are flexible

Tape in hair extensions is extremely flexible as you can make several hairstyles using them. Whether you want to make braids, high ponytails, buns, or have wavy locks, you can make every hairstyle possible using tape in hair extensions. Since they have thin wefts and are not visible if applied correctly, they work with many hairstyles and hairdos. In comparison, clip-in hair extensions do not work with many hairdos, especially those that require you to tie your hair up.


Tape in hair extensions are your best choice if you are looking for extensions that are easy to apply, require little maintenance, and also last you for a couple of months. These are hands down the best type of hair extensions and are extremely popular due to their obvious benefits over other types.


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