Y7 Anthem Launch

Y7 Anthem Launch

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Y7 Studio, the sweat drippin’, beat bumpin’, candlelit yoga studio and lifestyle brand, announces the launch of its anthem “We Are A Tribe Called Sweat” and its first brand campaign with the release of a video, directed by J Williams.

As Y7 continues its rapid expansion across New York and Los Angeles, with plans for new locations in Chicago later this year, its anthem is a declaration of the Y7 brand ethos, bringing to life its mission to make yoga inclusive and accessible for all. Developed in-house, the anthem takes you deeper behind the phrase “A Tribe Called Sweat,” which is notoriously displayed on the studio walls in all Y7 locations. Its anthemic message depicts the ideals and culture of the Y7 community and acts to inspire and motivate clients both on and off the mat.


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The 90-second anthem video features real brand loyalists of Y7 – instructors, employees and clients who authentically make up the community. Viewers are immersed into the world of Y7 – “Sweating That Sh*t Out” in a dark, candlelit, infrared-heated studio together as “One Family Formed By Sweat.”

Director J Williams’ background includes working with independent and mainstream artists like Wyclef Jean, Lil Yachty and Bridget Kelly, whose music video “Act Like That” gained popularity across MTV, VH1 and Fuse. As music and Y7 are inextricably linked, the video is set against a Y7-style hip hop track, exclusively composed by producer Safa Gaw, while the anthem is voiced over.

“Y7 is not just a brand or a studio; it’s an inclusive culture and community where people can feel a sense of belonging and pride. As we continue to expand, it is integral to bring our core values and mission to life in a big way for our clients,” explains Sarah Larson Levey, Y7 Studio Founder and CEO. “The Y7 anthem is raw and real; expressing who we are as a company beyond just the in-studio experience.”

The anthem campaign will be distributed across all Y7 digital channels and permanently displayed on the walls of all studio locations. The campaign also includes artwork featuring portraits of real Y7 brand loyalists that corresponds to lines of the anthem. This artwork will be shared across a social media campaign by Y7 and those in the portraits, and will be available on the campaign landing page, as well as in posters across New York City.

Y7 Anthem

We are a tribe called sweat. Free flowin’, sweat drippin’, beat bumpin. We welcome all who give their all. One family formed by sweat. Sweat is our sacrifice. Sweat doesn’t judge. Sweat is cash money, and we earn every drop together. We flow 60 minutes and give zero f*cks. We believe in gritty over pretty. In practice over perfection. That the toughest binds build the strongest minds. And clear hearts are only found on dirty mats. We can’t stop, won’t stop. Reaching beyond our toes. Fearing nothing to gain everything. Finding our light in the darkness. And when sh*t gets real, we sweat that sh*t out. WeFlowHard®

About Y7 Studio

Established in 2013, Y7 Studio is sweat drippin’, beat bumpin’, candlelit yoga. The studios are heated using state-of-the-art infrared technology, which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation and increases flexibility. In this music-driven practice, you will flow along to the hottest beats ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to Cardi B. Classes are held in a dark, candlelit room with no mirrors to encourage clients to turn their focus inward and more deeply explore their individual practice. Leave feeling strong and centered. With 12 studios across New York and Los Angeles, a cult retail line, comprehensive teacher training programs and Vibe Higher, a health and lifestyle coaching program, Y7 is uniquely positioned as the premier yoga and lifestyle brand.


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