What Are The Biggest Takeaways From Milan Fashion Week

What Are The Biggest Takeaways From Milan Fashion Week

With Fashion Week coming to a close, designers across the globe are taking note of what trends we can expect to see from spring/summer 2022.

There were many different looks this year, but there were some overarching themes too. One theme was partying and having fun – this is apparent in the hair and makeup and the clothing choices.

Another theme from Milan Fashion Week was nostalgia: designers looked back at parties from decades ago, such as Studio 54 for Fendi or late ’90s/early Noughties style for Prada, Blumarine, and Versace. Designs like this show us how fashion trends often reflect periods instead of focusing on current events or culture, making what we might see hard to predict.

Hair and makeup were extreme, to say the least. Styles that would not easily translate to the high street without a great selection of good makeup primers or fixing spray.

However, Milan would not be Milan without classic fashion, and they celebrate this with a nod to the ’50s and 60s in a traditional silk headscarf worn around the hair and over the nose and mouth. Let’s start with fashion and move on to hair and beauty trends.

Boyfriend Jacket with Big Shoulder Pads

Designers worked to create a long-line profile and played with shapes with an oversized boyfriend blazer in the style of the late 1980s. With the help of massive shoulder pads, this outerwear elongated the legs and cinches in the waist.

The look was complemented by ultra-modern styling, mixing this look with a pair of straight-leg jeans or faux leather culottes; colors that fit this trend include baby blue, deep charcoal, and of course, neutrals.

Designer embracing this trend: Versace and Blumarine

Statement Sunglasses

Another style statement you will notice is the rise of sunglasses – not just any shades, but oversized and colorful options that are sure to become a staple for spring 2022.

The colored sunglasses are perfect for those who love bold accessories or have an edgy sense of fashion because these sunglasses can be both trendy and functional at the same time.

Designer embracing this trend: Fendi and Prada

Lace and Embroidery

If you are looking for a vintage look perfect for the summertime, lace embroidered dresses will be your go-to. In both long sleeves and short variations with different neckline styles such as v-necks or off-the-shoulder, this look is perfect for a night out and can easily be dressed up or down.

Designer embracing this trend: Max Mara and Versace

Lingerie as outerwear

Models wore Lingerie-style sheer mesh crop tops, from tailoring to oversized jackets to slinky bodysuits, providing a sexy but practical spring alternative.

The styling harks back to the grunge era of the ’90s when everything was torn, grubby, and see-through.

Designer embracing this trend: Sies Marjan And Carven

Scarves for the head and face

Inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, this uncomplicated, sleek fashion look is making a strong resurgence. Headscarves are an excellent method to keep your hair in place while also providing a finishing touch to your outfit without going overboard.

This season was simple with bright colors and block text, silky design with flower themes or elaborate patterns. Worn wrapped under the chin in a loose knot, or hang it over the back of the head for a different look. Also shown dangling from the purse for a casual, “just in case” effect.

Designers embracing this trend: Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani

Statement Jewelry

The final trend you will notice from Milan Fashion Week spring/summer 2022 is statement jewelry such as large hoop earrings and colorful necklaces, which people can layer with other necklaces.

Models wore oversized pearls and thick gold chains, large statement pendants, ear pod chains, and sunglass chains were the more practical trends. All of these styles will translate easily to the high street.

Designer embracing this trend: Fendi and Prada

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
Makeup and Hair

The makeup complimented the looks perfectly. Designers used bright, bold colors to draw attention and bring the styles of Milan Fashion Week spring/summer 2022 to life.

From Balmain’s ‘Beauty Garage’ pop-up in Piazza del Duomo to an installation by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury at La Rinascente, these events aren’t just about looking good – they’re mainly about having fun.

Gold and Green makeup

Dolce & Gabbana’s glittery gold eye scales made a bold statement. At Versace, makeup experts overlaid multiple shades of green feline flicks to create a dramatic and statement-making effect.

Giorgio Armani was another designer who experimented with the color green, using frosted spearmint tones to highlight models’ eyes at his show. Consider donning green at your next party if you want to stand out.

Pairing bright accessories with colorful looks is a great way to make your makeup stand out from the crowd.

Designers embracing this trend: Dolce & Gabbana and Versus Versace

Hot Pink

A trend for spring from Burberry Prorsum was all about the blooms at their show this season. Not just in prints and embroideries, though – bold hot pink cheeks and lips with candy floss eyelashes went with the floral dresses to create a sweet look.

This look carried through the hair and makeup with large blooms as hair accessories and plenty of lip gloss.

Designers embracing this trend: Burberry Prorsum and Charlotte Tilbury

Hair gleams

Y2K (Millennium styling) enthusiasm peaked with headbands, lip gloss, and body glitter. However, there was another fad on display, which was hair glitter. Consider this style your go-to party outfit, as it is heavily steeped in the naughties (2000s) nostalgia.

Utilizing a combination of glitter, hair color, and hair gel to make statement mohawks might seem like a great idea, but it’s not a practical takeaway.

Designers embracing this trend: Marni and Blumarine

Milan’s spring/summer trends were a mixed bag, we liked the wearable styles, statement jewelry, oversized colorful sunglasses, and headscarves, but the rest was a bit meh…. Seen it, did it, and partied in it the first time around.


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