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Welcome to Handbag Heaven: Rebag Opens 2 New LA Locations!

Rebag is Coming to LA

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If you’ve ever lusted for a vintage Birkin bag, or a treasure from Chanel, Chloe, or an LV that was just out of reach, you probably need to run — not walk — to Rebag.

Rebag has already successfully colonized New York, with locations on Madison Avenue and Soho, and now they’re coming to the LA, with a double introduction to Handbag Heaven.

Beverly Hills

Yep, Rebag will be opening not one, but two stores simultaneously, on Melrose and in Beverly Hills, on November 8th!

Rebag has revolutionized luxury handbag buying with its transparent, instantaneous retail process and has grown rapidly, opening two stores in NYC in just under a year. LA is the next step in the brand’s expansion process.

Rebag has revolutionized luxury handbag buying


Both “Handbag Heavens” will house the most in-demand designer styles and will include Rebag’s infamous Hermès Birkin Wall. The popular Rebag Bar allows customers to sell a bag within 60 minutes for instant cash, or exchange a previous purchase for at least 70% of the original price via Rebag Infinity.

Both “Handbag Heavens” will include Rebag’s infamous Hermès Birkin Wall

Rebag is an exciting solution for those whose bag addiction needs a little refueling from time to time.


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