Virtual Reality and Fashion: Latest Updates

We belong to a generation filled with technological adventures, where things are constantly changing. Social media has revolutionized our lifestyle but today we have moved a step ahead toward the ultimate tech adventure: virtual reality. This is definitely an interesting thing to explore, a person just needs to strap on a unique headset and he is transported into the scene being displayed on the screen. Indeed, something like a magic but in actual it is an advanced form of technology.

With the increasing popularity of virtual reality, it is now being connected to the fashion world. Recently, the first ever VR advertisement was created by Kate Moss Stars and it features a perfume. The most famous supermodel brought VR to the commercial spot in form of this ad and Tilbury spoke that this ad soon became popular with a large audience base when compared to traditional media. Another impressive VR experience was recently launched by Tommy Hilfiger and it was a big hit in the fashion world. After this, many other popular fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Rebecca Minkoff also launched their amazing VR runway shows. The 7 For All Mankind also allowed customers to experience VR while shopping in their store.

As current generation is more involved with online shopping experiences from past few years instead of wasting time in market visits. But studies show that next change in the shopping world will happen in terms of VR screens and people will again look for store experienced with interactive VR Fashion screens. Many big retailers and big brands like Macy, Harvey Nichols and Zara are making efforts to install advanced VR screens in their stores.

The world of fashion has a great connection with the VR technology. Several brands are now integrating this technology into their fashion catwalks to add a unique impact. The VR experience is not just limited to clothing; rather it also has a great impact on other parts of our life. The recently launched iPad App BeoHome is capable enough to help users to visualize their home settings on screen. In simple words, we can say that Virtual reality along with Augmented reality has created a powerful digital growth channel for the world. Last year, the big brand HTC Vive presented details about its new venture capital alliance in support of Virtual reality and the estimated cost of this project is somewhere around $10 billion. The great news is that almost 1000 new users are joining the VR world every day and there are already more than 600 specialized VR apps in the market.

Experts reveal that the revenue of AR, VR technologies along with hardware and software background is going to have awesome growth in coming years and the estimated revenue will reach in the range of $80 billion to $182 billion before 2025. Hence, fashion industries are completely ready to take benefit of this technology. The apparel industries are working hard to adopt VR technology into their workspace and VR fashion shows so that they can provide best digital experiences to buyers while saving time and money.

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