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VFILES: Fashion, Art, and “Purpose”

by Emily Burnette

“VFILES is the place to discover, collaborate, and create what’s next.” Last night VFILES did just that.

The first floor store hosted “T’aint,” a showcase of London-based designer Ashish’s current collection and new “connect the dot” graphic tees.

He took graphic to the next level. The T-shirts were comprised of pornographic images where only some parts are illustrated and left for the wearer to connect, or leave as-is. The collection is a very tongue-in-cheek concept that captivates Ashish’s love of fashion and sex.

The T-shirts were comprised of pornographic images where only some parts are illustrated.

His previous collections include mixed materials, creating an overall funky-yet-super fashionable look, which could easily be seen walking down a street in Soho, NYC. Often breaking the norm in wearable fashion, previous shows included men sent down the runway in sequins with makeup, colorful afros, and girls closing the show on skateboards.

vfiles-ny-2With creative-heads like Julie Ann Quay, Danielle Greco, and Ruth Gruca running VFILES, we cannot wait to see what both VFILES and Ashish will come up with next!

Not to mention: this Wednesday and Thursday from 12-7, VFILES is hosting Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour merchandise pop-up.

A huge event to go see as the merchandise was a collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo, of Fear of God LA. Check it out!

And don’t forget to shop the (NSFW) Ashish T’aint collection here: https://www.vfiles.com/profile/Ashish/shop

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