Useful Tips For Taking Picture Of Clothes

Useful Tips For Taking Picture Of Clothes

Almost everyone now owns a smartphone that probably has a great camera. With these, taking pictures has never been easier. People take pictures of their surroundings, food, and literally whatever they feel like.

The case is a little different when you take photos for marketing products and selling them. When it comes to clothes photography, there are certain aspects that need to be implemented for successfully selling these items.

Choose The Right Lighting

Lighting can change everything about a picture, sometimes it can transform the object you’re capturing. Choosing the right lighting compliments the object’s color, texture, and overall appearance. The best option is natural light. Natural sunlight makes colors stand out and shows everything about the item clearly. Taking pictures of clothes outdoors would be best for getting sunlight as well as complementary surrounding colors. Sometimes this is not possible, especially if you don’t have a model wearing the items, or taking a picture indoors where the window doesn’t allow enough light. The solution is getting lighting gadgets. There are spotlights and different lighting gadgets available to buy, and they can be affordable too. Just make sure the lighting shows off the item you’re focusing on, and your picture well.

Use A Model Or A Mannequin

The perfect way to present an outfit is to have it on a human or a mannequin resembling the average human. The most challenging part about clothes photography is that people need to properly see the styles they choose, which isn’t really that easy unless the photo shows all angles clearly. Having models can be a bit expensive, especially when you’re just starting up. In this case, the best clothing photography advice is to use a mannequin. Make sure it has realistically proportional body features. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily have to have ahead if you’re taking a picture of any top, the mannequin used must have arms. Having a full-body mannequin is the best way to present clothing styles and how they look to people without hiring a model.

Prepare Your Clothes

For the best effect, clothes need to be ironed and flattened, to look perfect in the picture. Failing to do that makes pictures look unpresentable and sloppy. Especially if you’re taking these pictures to market for your online store, you will lose customers if you don’t have the products in their best shape. Skipping this step and thinking photo editing tools will do the trick is a common misconception, because pictures need to be authentic and real, and people can tell when a picture is edited, no matter how great the app is, something always feels wrong. Another thing is why wasting so much time and effort on editing when just preparing your clothes is much easier and a lot more fun really.

Use Neutral Backgrounds

Generally, when taking a photograph, every object in the photo must serve the main object/s. When your main objective is a top or a pair of pants, you don’t want something else to take the attention off that piece. Your background needs to be neutral, so if you’re taking the photo outdoors, you need a simple background like the sky or a wall. If your picture is an indoors setting, make sure the only object in there is the piece of clothing or the outfit you want to capture. The background needs to be plain and in a neutral color like off-white, beige, or any pastel color that doesn’t take away the focus off the clothes and their colors.

In case you can’t find any suitable location for the photograph, you can use a photo background remover for individuals and clean up the background once you have taken the picture; this will allow you to insert a neutral or plain background with a photo editing tool.

Choose A Low ISO

High ISOs may create artistic photos, but as pretty as your pictures need to be for clothing, the main focus should be the details of the item and the garment. This is why a low ISO of 100 up to 600 tops helps reduce any grayish shades that can take away from the clarity and color brightness.

Taking pictures can seem like one of the simplest things anyone can do. Smartphones now have extremely enhanced cameras that capture photos almost as beautiful as ones taken by professional cameras. The trick to perfect pictures of clothing products is to make sure every detail in the fabric, style, and cut is shown in it as clearly as possible to help people imagine how they will look like wearing them.


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