Ukrainian Fashion Prevails and Will Be Present at Paris Fashion Week – Against All Odds

Ukraine Fashion heads to Paris Fashion Week showcasing their collections on October 1st to the 6th, with six of the country’s most affluent fashion designers.

For its third season after two past events held in NYC, the collective led by Jen Sidary Founder & CEO of which houses 35 of the country’s best Ukrainian fashion brands will present six of Ukraine’s modern designs that highlight international creativity. These recognizable Ukrainian fashion designers are proving that Kyiv is fighting on multiple fronts, already beginning the recovery effort, and increasing their global recognition across the creative industry as the war on their country continues.

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During last season’s edition Ukraine Fashion event opened just two days before the Russian invasion on February 24th. The war on Ukraine has led to a humanitarian crisis in Europe nonetheless all the designers felt the duty to continue sketching, sewing, and designing. The WAR RECOVERY EFFORTS took another level of courage to continue supporting the country’s economy by employing their staff especially to this

predominately women’s industry as the men fights on the front lines even as their cities, and country comes under attack. Many have repurposed their operations to help the war effort, relocated within Ukraine.

In my thirty years of working in the fashion industry I have never witnessed the resilience of a country and its people as they began to focus on keeping their businesses alive, days into the war from bomb shelters to designing new collections amidst constant air raid sirens,” – Jen Sidary.

This war effort has made many travels back and forth between Ukraine and neighbouring countries, by land as there are currently no flights in or out of Ukraine. These fashion designers are relentless, making sure their lines don’t cease so they can continue to pay their employees and be part of this project; male designers, between 18 and 60 years old, had to grant a special authorization to travel abroad. This is not a charity event but a project that supports the country’s creative industry allowing buyers from around the globe to add Ukrainian designs to their retail stores brand matrix.

Ukrainian businesses have demonstrated remarkable resilience, commitment and awareness since Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine. Disruptions on the domestic market caused by decrease in demand by population and broken supply chains, are pushing companies to explore export opportunities to diversify their sales. USAID, through its Competitive Economy Program, encourages firms to start export operations and to enter new foreign markets,” says Natalia Petrova, USAID Project Manager of the Economic Growth Office.

Copyright Courtesy Kiko Gaspar Communications


The Good Six Showroom, located within the coveted 8th Arrondissement in Paris at 6 Rue Jean Goujon, will serve as the host to Ukrainian Fashion during its week-long stint. All six designer brands will be presented to interested buyers, stylists, celebrities, and editors. At its core, Ukraine Fashion guides designers with their expansion to foreign markets for the world to see and explore its immense talent. This project aims to put a face to Ukraine’s most prominent designers and begin the recovery effort even while the war continues in the country.

This season’s returning designers are FROLOV, KACHOROVSKA, and CHERESHNIVSKA who is this season’s lead grantee for the project. New to the event is LITKOVSKA, MY SLEEPING GYPSY and OLIZ. The brands will present their interpretation of women’s and unisex apparel, footwear, and scarves.

Ukraine Fashion in Paris is led by Jen Sidary, a Global Fashion Brand Strategist, whose career has spanned three decades. Thirty days after the war on Ukraine Jen launched an online platform to help the Ukrainian fashion industry survive called which houses 35 of the most prominent fashion brands. Jen was the Head of Zappos Couture at and went on to become the President of Sales for Vivienne Westwood America. This collaboration has been made possible with the continued support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program. “The Ukrainian fashion industry is immensely talented and there is no better time to support this creative industry as one of the ways to win this war is to continue helping their economy grow and expand,” Sidary said.

The project is designed to showcase remarkable diversity in the styles that Ukrainian fashion brands have to offer. The designers utilize the highest quality materials produced by the finest artisans, leading the industry in their craft. All the brands all embrace the importance of sustainable fashion techniques and highlight Ukraine’s creativity while applying these values to their work.


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