Tips For Wearing Compression Socks On Different Occasions

Tips For Wearing Compression Socks On Different Occasions

Fashion evolves every season, and we are desperately trying to keep up with whatever designers come up with while, in the meantime, we are trying to forget that we can’t survive another 8-hour workday at the office with our new stiletto heels.

It seems as if our toes are literally crying and begging us to put on something comfortable. Of course, we can wear flats, but our pantsuit cannot be paired with them. So, we take a deep breath, get all dressed up, and hope that today we won’t have to walk from one meeting to another and run errands afterward. But don’t you worry because we have come to rescue you and your feet. We are excited to present you with your newest piece of accessory that will definitely become part of your everyday comfort, and that is compression socks. Now, you are probably asking yourself how you can style them with your outfit. Well, have no fear and keep reading this post to find out the benefits of compression socks and what tips you can follow to wear them on different occasions. What are compression socks, and what are the benefits?

Before we go on about the tips for wearing compression socks on many occasions, let’s first explain what they are. Compression socks, which were invented by Conrad Jobst, a German engineer suffering from varicose veins, are a type of hosiery which is used if you are prone to having swollen legs. In other words, people who have problems with venous disorders, such as thrombosis or edema, are advised to wear such socks in order to prevent and protect from further progression of such disorders. They are very tight at the ankles and gradually become less constrictive around the thighs. Other benefits of the compression socks include decreasing the risk of blood clots and lessening leg swelling. As we go through the tips for wearing the best compression socks on many occasions, you will notice that they are the best option and cure for your legs.

Remaining fashionable through all-day work hours

When you wake up in the morning, your legs are the least swollen, so it is advised that you put on compression socks before you go to work. This way, you will be preparing your legs for the long work hours. Especially if the weather is warm, the veins in your legs will expand more; therefore, wearing these socks can keep the venous blood flow and prevent it from pooling in the legs. If your work place consists of standing on your feet for long-hours, as a medicine personnel for example, they can be worn to provide comfort through the whole day. The best thing about the socks is that they come in many colors, beige and black, so you don’t have to worry about styling them because you can match them with all kinds of pantsuits or dresses. So, wearing compression socks is like two-for-one special. You will look perfect and ready to work with full energy and well-rested feet.

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Leisure time with a comfy look

Medical doctors recommend wearing compression socks at all times, of course depending on your symptoms, but you don’t need to wear them when you go to bed and when you bathe. When your feet are resting horizontally, your legs are at the same level with your heart and gravity doesn’t pull on your body like it does when you are on the go. Pregnant women usually have swollen feet standing upright or sitting down. Therefore, it is recommended that they wear them as much as they can. Remember that these socks operate as any other socks when it comes to taking care of them except they have more benefits than the usual socks. Even if you wear them on a daily basis going to the supermarket or just cleaning around the house, you still must wash them regularly with soap and lukewarm water. But it is useful to have at least two pairs so you can swap them every other day.

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Feel and look good: Running activities and recovery processes

Compression socks also benefit athletes in many ways. For example, professional athletes usually train twice a day, so after these long hours of working out, they must rest their legs properly. During any sports performance, venous return, which refers to the movement of blood back to the heart, is very important since this is the way blood cycles through the body and picks up nutrients. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, compression socks improve blood circulation bringing more oxygen to your muscles. Also, sport compression socks come in various shapes and sizes so you can choose whichever fits you best. They can be worn while running, riding a bike, or even taking a long walk and help with battling muscle soreness.

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Feel pleasant while traveling on long-distance flights

If your job consists not only of long work hours of walking around all day but constantly traveling too, then compression socks are the best option for you. During long flights, your body is in a seated position while your legs are dangling down, thereby reducing the venous return we mentioned earlier, and it causes swelling. If you wear compression socks while travelling, then your blood circulation will be much better and there will be less inflammation of your feet. Another benefit of wearing these socks is the prevention of the potential deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which usually occurs during extended flights. DVP is a very serious condition that must be prevented before it becomes lethal. So when you are traveling on long-distance flights, besides wearing compression socks, you can flex your legs every 15 min and the flight will be more enduring.

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Wrapping up

Including the compression socks in our everyday wardrobe can provide us with many health benefits from boosting the circulation in our legs to preventing severe venous disorders. They are specifically designed for compression therapy. The way they are created is beneficial to our overall health. Even though they may be challenging to put on, the results you will notice will be remarkable. As we get older, our legs and feet get tired more often, and we must take good care of them. So, don’t think twice and get yourself a pair or two of compression socks and start your day with full speed.


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