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We, The Time Travelers: Nehera Paris Spring ’16 Show

Nehera Fall 2016, Paris Fashion Week

louis-vuitton-prefall-fw16-mainOne of the funny things about the concept of “age” is a certain blindness: a “young person” is not really a young person at all. They’re a person who is young now. An “older person” is actually a young person … traveled to a different part of a timeline. We are never young or old “people”: we are all time travelers.

We are never young or old “people”: we are all time travelers.

Today was the first day of the prêt-à-porter Paris Fashion Week, the first day of March, and the first day of my 23rd year as a human. Nehera kicked off my fashion week at the Richelieu-Louvois Library (where I also had the opportunity to briefly catch up on my fashion reading).

Today was the first day of the prêt-à-porter Paris Fashion Week, and the first day of my 23rd year as a human.

Nehera itself is a brand with a long journey through time. Popular in the 1930s, it was relaunched in 2014. The brand as a whole is in the process of bridging a sizable gap in zeitgeist versus its origins: and now is a perfect time, with a renewed sense of style sweeping the planet with a reborn appreciation for clean lines and pre-1950s touches (and possibly nowhere like menswear).

So it’s only fitting that the current collection would focus on on evolving definitions.

The current collection focuses on on evolving definitions.

Pre-Fall 2016

[portfolio_slideshow id=12482 align=center width=699 click=advance thumbnailsize=40 showcaps=false]

Stylistically speaking, the Winter 2016 collection is where comfy-glam meets private-eye chic.

Designer Samuel Drira uses draping silk, velvet, and cotton to create an almost contagious comfort. While the plaid corduroy jackets — a slightly more structured material — held a stronger shape, the cotton kimonos looked more like transportable blankets.

The models in the show were exceptionally diverse — notably diverse in terms of race, but also in age. Please look at this goddess:

A standout was this jacket, capturing comfort and adventure in one.

These still photos don’t do justice to what was in reality a shimmering gold sea. Seriously — take look at our Snapchat (follow us at “fashionwkonline”!).

The capes with crisscross attached fronts inspire the thought of the bottom of a suitcase. Perhaps not an accident was placing the younger models in these capes.

Indeed: time travelers.


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