The Role of Education for Equality in Fashion Schools

Fashion influences the way people judge someone. It can create in the minds of people an idea of the individual’s personality or culture. Clothes send a statement that acts as a base of the level of respect the wearer is worth. For fashion brands to excel, they must promote diversity and inclusivity. These traits can be learned in a fashion school.

For many years, racism in fashion school has remained a thorny issue. Through the right education, institutions can promote equality and diversity. A fashion school should not just teach about clothing designs. It should also teach history, culture, and society.

Offering the right education to achieve equality in the fashion market

Fashion has the potential to harm society but fashion schools can help change that. They can create a learning environment that celebrates everyone. Equality in schools should focus on being sensitive to gender, color, nationality, or culture. They can achieve this goal by offering the right equality-focused education.

Education is a precondition to adopting many cultural rights. The main challenge is determining how education systems can act as platforms for change. The solution is to offer an inclusive and high-quality education that promotes diversity. Gender equality in education is something that cannot be ignored. Design schools can implement the right approaches to promote equality.

One of the good ways to increase your understanding of equality is to write an essay. You might consider writing about the concept in the novel The Hate U Give. There are many issues you can focus on in The Hate U Give essay prompts such as the role of family in the novel. You may also focus on the symbols in the hate u give such as Khalil’s hairbrush. The novel raises various equality issues between races, social classes, white and black.

Pay attention to diversity during enrolment
Many textile design schools have been accused of enrolling a certain gender or race only. The schools should change their system to enroll students from both genders. They should enroll learners from both rich and poor families and all races.

Allow creativity and include fashion from all cultures
Oftentimes, textile design schools focus on fashion from a particular culture. For instance, they might focus on designs from Western culture. To promote equality and education, they should allow teaching designs from all cultures. If they embrace this approach, it will reflect even in the career market.

Respecting human rights as a whole
Gender equality in education should be treated as a human right. A report by OHCHR shows cloth designs can be used to promote human rights. The schools should focus on a cultural and gender-wide approach to teaching.

Creating a platform to raise awareness of racial and gender inequality issues

Racial and gender inequality issues are prevalent in modern society. Gender-based violence and discrimination in schools are a direct reflection of how society is. A report by Textile Technology shows over 85% of fashion school graduates are women. Regardless, men hold top positions in the textile industry. Textile design schools can be the right places to raise awareness of racial and gender inequality issues.

Gender awareness training
One of the best ways to promote gender equality in education is to offer gender awareness training. It offers students a chance to explore major gender concepts. They discover the existing unconscious biases and stereotypes. Training can lead to students taking bold steps to commit themselves to equality. One of the ways to increase awareness is to allow students to write essays. An essay to help the learner to freely express their pains and concerns.

Develop achievable gender policies
Gender policies demand textile design schools to integrate gender perspectives in the document. It should include implementation strategies and timelines. It also includes programs for eliminating discrimination. The programs should focus on promoting equality between males and females.

Create an equality-focused curriculum
The fashion school curriculum should be equality centered. It should be developed with equality in mind. That means the education delivery must be balanced. The school may go further and hire educators on a 50/50 gender basis. Equality should be seen from the leadership level to the teaching staff. It should extend to other workers and the student community.

Create a platform for reviews of success and outcomes
Measuring outcomes is an excellent way to determine progress. From time to time, the school needs to analyze to see where it is failing. By looking at both successes and failures, they can decide on what adjustments they need to make. The review may involve outcomes of different management initiatives. It should review the action plan’s success and analysis of gender policy and equality.

Ensuring equality for a brighter future

Fashion influences culture and gender biases. Inequality in textile design institutions has remained a main challenge. The institutions can be places of change by offering the right education. They need to create awareness of racial and gender inequality issues. They need to create a platform for reviews of success and outcomes.


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