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The Dandy Disruptor: JMLEGAZEL New York

Interview with Thierry, JMLEGAZEL New York Atelier

Let’s face it: most men’s shoes can be a little … underwhelming. As men, it seems we’re forced to choose between the same-old monotone black and brown, or — on the other end of the spectrum — outlandish shoes that may not feel quite right.

Finding a distinctive, unique look that stands out in the crowd — just enough — can be difficult. That’s where JMLEGAZEL comes in.

Founded in Paris by Jean-Marie Le Gazel — the acclaimed young street artist and graduate of École des Beaux-Arts — JMLEGAZEL combines the finest quality shoes (sourcing the same leather as Hermès) with “expert craftsmanship with an audacious, adventurous spirit.”

Under the auspices of life partners Thierry and Valérie, JMLEGAZEL has come to Manhattan — the brand’s first location in North America. Which means your work of art will be hand-painted in New York.

On their website — or at their atelier-boutique at 347 W. 36th — customers can combine several shoe styles and color treatments, to create something uniquely their own.

My pair, on loan from the atelier, looked a lot like the main image of this story.

You know that feeling you get when you arrive at an event and you know you’re on point? I wore these to the Michael Kors-Bella Hadid launch party during New York Fashion Week, and definitely felt like I’d placed my best foot forward (pardon the pun).

That’s a good feeling to have.

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Interview with Thierry, JMLEGAZEL New York

Q: Tell me about the brand JMLEGAZEL and how it started? What was the inspiration?

JMLEGAZEL is a combination of luxury craftsmanship and renegade artistry. The Paris-based line — founded in 1999 by the legendary street artist Jean-Marie Le Gazel — brings youthful street energy to classic silhouettes and elevates more casual styles through premium materials and craftsmanship.

Q: How is the company growing under your direction, along with Valérie?

Valerie and myself, partners in life and now in business, own the first location in the United States! The atelier-boutique at 347 W. 36th opened its doors at the end of December 2018, first in New York. A few states are in our mind for upcoming openings, but New York is our priority.

The atelier-boutique is at 347 W. 36th

Q: What is unique about JMLEGAZEL? What makes it special?

JMLEGAZEL is not a regular shoe store. It’s all about creativity and personalization. It’s a European heritage craftsmanship with the finest luxury materials, imbued with a rebellious, creative spirit.

JM LEGAZEL challenges and innovates luxury men’s fashion with a bold, colorful approach to the gentleman’s shoe.

the finest luxury materials, imbued with a rebellious, creative spirit

The distinctive signature of JMLEGAZEL is its custom-created patina — a wearable work of art by highly skilled artisans trained in the company’s Paris atelier. In the hands of these masters, supple French leather from Les Tanneries Du Puy becomes the ultimate canvas for self-expression, and the foundation of inspired personal style.

JMLEGAZEL offers ready-to-wear derbies, oxfords, loafers, boots and more in an array of sophisticated colors and lustrous finishes, and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients to bring their unique visions to life on iconic silhouettes.

we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clients

Q: Tell us about the sourcing of the leather.
JMLEGAZEL has selected the best French leather, from Les Tanneries Du Puy, Annonay: the same tannery that supplies Hermès.

Q: Who are the artisans who create the patina, and what’s the process?

JMLEGAZEL’s signature patinated shoes are impeccably hand-finished by master colorists trained with the brand’s exclusive techniques, and coveted and collected by daring sartorialists worldwide.

our shoes are impeccably hand-finished by master colorists

Q: What can people expect at the Manhattan showroom? What is the process?

We also propose travel items, suitcases, belts — all to complement with the shoes. It’s up to what our client desires.

We can also create travel items, suitcases, belts

Our slogan is:


Every man can stop by our atelier-boutique at 347 W. 36th and find hand-painted shoes to his exact desire: from his inspiration, or we can suggest from our large catalogue and experience.

The possibilities are endless.

Our website: is also a good way to place any order. Your shoe will be delivered to your door within days.


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