Taipei Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 Explores the Intersection of Fashion, Culture and Sustainability

Taipei Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 season explored fashion rooted in culture, sustainability and the innovations of humanity.

14 talented brands participated to demonstrate the principles of functionality, sustainability, crossover, diversity and humanity. They included #DAMUR, be homme, C JEAN, DOUCHANGLEE, GIOIA PAN, INF, JENN LEE, Liyu Tsai, oqLiq, Seivson, Story Wear, UUIN, WANGLILING, and Yentity. Along with the “New Breed” and opening show “CrossLab: Dialogue between Indigenous Art and Fashion”, this season highlighted the soft power of Taiwan’s local culture, fashion and art in a way that stimulates various creative inspirations.

Taipei Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023

As Taipei Fashion Week continues to carve its place within the global fashion community, the Ministry of Culture has committed to progress with cultural and sustainable initiatives. In addition to environmental sustainability, this season has been hallmarked by cultural sustainability, which emphasizes traditional craftsmanship and enhances the depth of fashion design for a modern world.

To demonstrate the importance of cultural sustainability, brands including Yentity and UUIN explored historical roots in order to reinterpret traditional techniques for contemporary fashion with a new perspective. Yentity collaborated with a Taiwan craft school to combine urban silhouettes with traditional knitting techniques to show that modern merchandise can be produced by traditional craft. Meanwhile, UUIN looked to the 1930s and 1940s style of dress, working with the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, local craftsmen and artists to create an image of modern women who represent the fusion of cultures through a retro modern look.

Environmental sustainability remains a priority for Taiwan fashion, with brands examining their relationship between mother nature, production and social responsibilities while evolving their creative aesthetics. As a brand that has always focused on the issues of the natural environment, C JEAN was inspired with the hidden order in nature for spring, presenting a rhythmic collection fusing natural elements with architectural geometry. Similarly, as a brand that cares for both the natural environment and the people living in it, Story Wear fights for the survival of the next generation with a collection produced completely of recycled and reproduced materials.

The works of the designers this season are like storybooks, from which one can experience the diversity of Taiwan. By translating the elements of traditional techniques and creating culturally representative fashion pieces while showcasing Taiwan’s cultural diversity and richness to the international community, designers showcase Taipei Fashion Week’s modernity with concepts of sustainability and cultural elements.

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