“Story to Tell” Coming to Paris During Haute Couture Fashion Week

“Story to Tell” Comes to Paris on July 1

This is the story of 7 artists who joined forces to bring reality to their dreams. They combined their stories, visions, fears, and passion. The designer collective, showing July 1 during Paris’ Haute Couture Fashion Week, is dedicated to diversity in a big way, saying “we fight for equality and together we stand strong.”

“Let us tell you what we’re made of,” says the collective. “Let us guide you through our journeys and become one with our stories. On the first of July we will show our creations during the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.”

Annalie van Doorn

Curious for hidden gems on this planet. A young girl’s dream from the Netherlands. Ever since she was little, Annalie van Doorn was fascinated by fashion, culture, sculptural and voluminous shapes. This makes sense considering she has travel-loving ancestors and a creative mother. Fashion, another dream which became reality when she studied in Arnhem. Fashion is a way of expressing herself. She is constantly searching for new ideas and loves the exciting process of bringing those ideas to life. After broadening her horizon from traveling around the world, her love for other cultures has grown. Her fascinations for old tribes, traditional textile makers and methods is what fuels her creativity. She does not want them to be forgotten. Playing with contrasts and combining these fascinations are characteristics for the story she wants to tell with her work. The broadening of her creative mind remains one of her biggest challenges. Her goal is to grow in her work and with a curious vision into the future. She can’t wait to show more of herself. | Website.

David Paulus

David Paulus (1986), born and raised in Curaçao, is one of the self-educated and self-supporting designers. David Paulus differs from most young designers in his vision. David creates ‘Art Couture’ and is in that way non-conforming to the regular world of fashion.

“My creations are inspired by and based on my love for art. My shows are therefore more of a theatre piece than a classic catwalk presentation and always based on a theme.” | Instagram

Nawed Elias

It is 1993, Kabul, Afghanistan when Nawed Elias is born as a descendent of proud ancestors from the remote province of Paktia. This versatile scenery with its endless mountains, dry desserts and green forests is home to the Pashtun tribes, with their colourful, sun bleached robes. Here we find the village of Zazai, where Nawed finds inspiration for his designs.

Against this beautiful background, however, Afghanistan is a country torn by conflicts. Hate towards foreigners grows, jihad groups are flourishing and at the same time there is mutual distrust and corruption blooms. Afghanistan, not immediately associated with fashion and creative liberty. Nevertheless, this world of extremes provides Nawed with inspiration and the beauty, tradition, intractability and folkloric costume of this unique territory form a foundation for his original style.

At the age of fourteen, Nawed comes to the Netherlands where he is introduced to Western culture and fashion. Divided between the two extremes of his roots and his new home, he finds inspiration for his designs. His first collection unites both cultures, on one side the familiar, on the other side an encounter with the unknown. | Website

Gregorie Bolder

“My designs incorporate the telling of a story by reusing and reworking already existing garments and giving these a new life”

After schooling and travelling. Gregorie Bolder trained as a coupeuse later working as a teacher and establishing a maternity clothing company. Inspired by the idea of sustainability she opened a shop & studio in Arnhem’s fashion quarter making and selling her designs directly to the public. The shop & studio forced to close due to the recession has re-emerged as a home studio with retail outlets in concept stores in Arnhem & Wageningen. | Instagram

Dauvia Nijenhuis

Dauvia Nijenhuis is a fashion designer based in the Netherlands. She has made her mark in the fashion industry and it’s no surprise that in a few years she will become the face of modern fashion design. Dauvia was born in Angola and she moved to the Netherlands when she was just 10 years old.

In 2011 she graduated from high school and started to make her own designs at home for friends and family members. Soon people noticed her creations and she started to get invitations to participate at fashion shows where she showcased her fashion collections. From there on, women wanted a Dauvia Designs and since then more women, both Africans and non-Africans are wearing her designs.

In 2016 Dauvia was among the few selected African fashion designers who was picked by Vlisco, a design and manufacturing company of original Holland wax African print fabrics. Dauvia was selected by Vlisco to produce a fashion collection out of their new fabric collection.

In 2016 Dauvia won an Award for best African designer in the Netherland, and she couldn’t be more honored to be recognized for her work. Dauvia Designs is a feminine brand that embrace the best of both worlds, the African and European. With a mission to gain the rest of the world with her clothes. | Website

Paco Núñez

Paco Núñez is a freelance photojournalist. Over the pass 6 years he covered stories for the Cabinet of Curaçao as their photographer. He also works as freelance for the municipality of Amsterdam covering stories that has to do with residents in Amsterdam Southeast.

In 2015 Paco Núñez worked on a project, “Born to Travel”, telling a story about undocumented group of African men in Amsterdam seeking for a shelter. In 2016 and 2017 he was the campaign photographer and Social Media Strategist for minister Suzy Römer. Now Paco Núñez works as freelance photojournalist for a worldwide press agency covering stories about politics, lifestyle, fashion, conflict and human interest in the Netherlands. | Website

Dorry Timmermans

After graduating in Fashion Design, I learned that the world of fashion is not all peaches and cream. It’s hard to stand out and keep up with the whirlwind scene and the hard competition that seems to have no trouble asserting themselves.

But as the saying goes: ‘with age comes wisdom’, and so it did for me.

Growing more mature, I stopped comparing myself to others and I started to appreciate myself more as a designer. This is me, with all my love for colors, prints, weirdness and the eighties. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go …

DT Couture is based on a dream. It just so happens, I dream in Technicolor and love to go on adventures in texture and feel. This shows in my designs. Color blocking? No, just plain make love not war with all colors.

My designs come from a feeling, not a need to reach a target or getting the most from a segment of the market, or even a need to achieve anything.It’s like composing music: a feeling that needs to be put into a symphony – or in this case: a design. | Website

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