Space Simona Corsellini Fall 2018: Milan Fashion Week

Space Simona Corsellini Milan Fashion Week FW18

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Intense femininity launches an amour fou. Fashion flirts with trends in the 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter collection signed by Space Simona Corsellini.

Intriguing ideas outline a new identity for the woman who can choose – without letting herself be chosen. Simona Corsellini’s woman chooses her style, spanning from reinterpretations of versatile clothes in refreshed versions to innovatively-cut pieces with hyper-contemporary ornamentation. Colour is the dominating factor: strong, bright and often contrasting. We discover super-cool pairings, such as red and purple, that create a collection with a vibrant, invigorating personality.

Space Simona Corsellini: Milan FW18

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The new winter code takes its cue from the prints, especially the brightly coloured lipstick print with a micro and macro déco-lipstick scattered all over blouses and dresses, or alone, and maxi, on knitwear details, or hand-embroidered on the new biker jacket. It takes the edge off the jumbo houndstooth check by giving it an unusual vibe, it lends a 3D effect to knits, it teams with laminated georgette decorated with patches sewn in lurex yarn.

The result is a whole range of graphic motifs that enlivens the outfits in an illustrated narrative of irreverent design.

Stars all over: patterns fill (visual) space with stars and comets with their bright colours and three-dimensional effects, and leave a trail as they combine in tiny stars to create stripes on the crêpe-de-chine of dresses and blouses; they become a glittering sky on the mini-dresses’ tulle sleeves. An astro-fashion saga where there’s even room for the Moon which, with the stars, settles on very short dresses – to be worn over boots pants with a new construction; it becomes an all-over pattern on trousers and on the blouses with statement sleeves; it adds an embroidery-like delicate touch to the new denim and liaises with the lace of the sophisticated dress with a suggestion of a starry cage.

Style is … between the lines! Elegance acquires a stripy look to give sophistication to the satin two-piece and to the camel-and-black silk midi dress; it embraces an optical vibe on the black-and-white sweater; it flutters on lurex sweaters with ample sleeves.

The interplay of stripes gets into knots, turns and winds around the stars, creating a three-colour motif on waistcoats and maxi cardigans. More stripes for a sporty band on jogging pants, to run into style.

Negligee only in spirit for long robes de chambre, fluid, long and enveloping in a nightwear style to wear in daylight, with a tone-on-tone floral jacquard motif.

That’s all decor: a symphony of thread embroidery and big, golden zips leave their signature on jackets, dresses and soft blouses for a lesson in needlework virtuosity. The animal print 2.0 enriches the jacquard weave in the oversize volumes of sweaters – always in the two-tone sorcery and flame red, a colour partnership seen on all fabrics.

Coats are waisted and ultra-colourful – red, green, purple. The classic biker jacket couples with a maxi teasel-houndstooth. Male patterns are smooth and light, especially the Prince of Wales check in different colours – white, black, red, natural with a very feminine purple – for the high-waisted yet super-slim trousers to wear with the short-sleeved, cropped blazer. A huge button makes all the difference: it decorates the waistline and brightens coats with a gold touch; its black fabric contrasts the colourful background.

Bodies are once again a major feature, with details worthy of a première dame. They capture the attention together with the blouses with spectacular, voluminous, balloon-sleeves, which often flare at the cuff. The winter season’s first ladies choose high-waisted slim or wide skirts and trousers whose clean cuts shout fine tailoring, and they prefer the crossover dresses with deep necklines that play the seduction game.

A flow of warm, modern textures accompany the irresistible allure of denim, whose key elements are its undisputable and lustful à plomb allure: ultra-decorated with appliquéd embroidery – a mixture of moon and stars featuring broderie anglaise and braiding laces, bands of sequins – on high-waisted trousers, which often have frayed bottom hems – and denim miniskirts.

Hem lengths create an eye-catching harmony and always reveal the footwear: pointed boots and courts with big golden buttons; cuissards are made of full-color nappa, spanning from white, purple, black and red. The overall image is that of a thigh-length boots with the look of hold-ups.


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