Ilina Luthra
Ilina Luthra
Born and brought up in Delhi, Ilina Luthra has her eyes on runways across the world and prefers spending her spare time buried in fashion books. She spent a large part of her young life working in the Indian fashion industry and promises to present critiques as honest as the day is long.

Shivan And Narresh Fall 2018: Amazon India Fashion Week

Shivan And Narresh Amazon India Fashion Week FW18

From the evolution of a saree into a ‘bikini saree’ to a mastectomy blouse, the 8 year old label is at the fore of one of the most difficult markets in the industry today. Shivan & Narresh, named after designer duo Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja, has been a game-changing luxury resort wear label since its inception in 2008. Lesser known fact about the label is before they took the plunge as swimwear designers, they pitched high-function, luxury sportswear as their USP. Soon after, the duo took to the well-travelled, well-settled woman as their muse and got the ball rolling thereon.

Shivan And Narresh: Amazon India Fashion Week FW18

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In 2018, they stand as one of the most successful luxury resort wear, swimwear, and wedding wear designers in the country- not a variety of categories you’d expect to see together until today. From a picture-perfect social media presence to being worn by Kim Kardashian in the pages of Vogue India, the label has not only created a niche for itself but mastered every square inch of the space.

This season they bring another vacation to life, on the ramp, amid the Eden of the world – Seychelles, transforming it into a traveller’s decadence. Always oozing oomph and exuding elegance, this season is no different when it comes to the scrumptious prints that have inadvertently become representative of the design language of the label. Taking to the millennials for their Autumn Winter 18 collection, the label is prepared to bring the high-octane, accessory-rich extravaganza back to Amazon India Fashion Week. The Seychelles memoirs featuring luscious fruits & flowers like Sour Sop & Alpinia Purpurata, fantastical birds and the magnificent Coco de Mer nut, meet the artistic era of Edo art. The “getaway” of the season is a thought reminiscent of the virgin islands of Seychelles, eagerly awaited on the Friday of this season’s Fashion Week in the capital.


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