Rivieras Launches E-Commerce in US

Renowned shoe brand Rivieras has recently launched their E-Commerce in the US. Created in 2009 by Dan Amzallag and Fabrizio Corveddu, The classic loafer was designed with the ideal take on a chic, comfortable and laid back silhouette.

With prior experience working with brands such as Chevignon, Calvin Klein and Swatch, Designer and creative director Dan Amzallag joined along side Communication and marketing director Fabrizio Corveddu who brings Rivieras Leisure Shoes his extensive sales, fashion and event organization experience, as well as his global network and ability to think outside the box.

Rivieras took on the pandemic approach opening what is now their Flagship store in the US, located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Dimes Square at 52 Canal St, New York, NY 10002.Following Rivieras store opening was the E- Commerce which was recently launched in the US region. After conceiving over 1000 styles and around forty thèmes, Rivieras now has a presence in over 500 selling points worldwide.


Recognized as a classic from Basque Pelota fields to the feet of Leonardo di Caprio, the Rivieras loafer distinguishes itself by its simplicity and is meant to be styled in multiple ways. The French brand has partnered with a number of brands such as Fred Segal, Ron Dorff, Bonpoint and many more as they continue to remain true to their brand with many more collaborations to unfold globally.

Rivieras walks the line between the quiet beach and city life, always faithful to its manifesto. Sleepless night and blazing sun.


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