Rahul Mishra Summer 2020: Elevating People Via “Slow Fashion”

Empowerment Through Embroidery at Paris Fashion Week

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With this collection, we have tried to liberate ourselves from how we have looked at embroidery over the past seasons,” says Rahul Mishra. “Can we use embroidery as an extension of textiles enabling a new form? How do we explore volume with flat embroidered motifs? Can we introduce a sense of flow and movement to our embroideries and if so – how?”

The idea of living in a constant transit where our habitat transforms from a concrete box to a little nook with a flower patch reflects the reality of modern living. We are surrounded by buildings stemming out from the soil, reaching the skies enlivened by human ambition and drawing resources from the ground – mirroring the growth of a plant. We have attempted to observe both these entities and translate them in a tangible way through the clothes.

Rahul Mishra Summer 2020 Collection

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Our artisanal approach to embroidery is reimagined for this collection where certain pieces have taken more than 3400 human hours of hand cutting and hand embroidering. They are light as air considering the thousands of buildings perched on delicate organza or countless hand embroidered flowers confectioned in tulle. The aspect of motion is brought about by the application of embroidery. Each marigold twig, bougainvillea branch or building is individually hand-tacked onto an embroidered stem that is then secured on the fabric by hand stitches. A labyrinthine grid lays the foundation for these intricately embroidered motifs that impersonate a lush foliage or a city growing relentlessly on a piece of fabric.

This was a leap of fantasy, an ode to the fabled tradition of couture. For this season we have worked with craft clusters across India and the concentrated usage of embroidery allowed for employment and generating livelihood for craftsmen. The production of this collection will take place in Baundpur in East India where our long held collaboration and continued efforts have led to the reverse migration of more than 300 embroiderers from the slums of Mumbai to their homes in villages with their families.

our collaboration has led to the reverse migration of more than 300 embroiderers from the slums of Mumbai to their homes

It feels more important now than ever for us to reiterate our focus on slow fashion, on adding lasting value to clothes that tell a story while building a socially sustainable model that empowers the strong craft community of rural India.

It feels more important than ever to reiterate our focus on slow fashion

We are pleased to bring forth the master craftsmanship and traditional heritage of our villages. With an organically shared synergy and a parallel design language, it is our pleasure to collaborate with Zoya-A Tata Product.

The exquisite and contemporary jewellery, suggesting vegetal references and raw floral elements sits beautifully with our clothes. Extending from similar themes, the jewels add a new dimension of modernity and charm to our clothes.

“Zoya is a brand of luxury diamond jewellery that is deeply artistic and appeals to a very discerning woman. We are delighted to partner with Rahul Mishra, as there is synergy in approach. Both design houses
use authentically unique design language that translates traditional craft into contemporary form with global appeal. Zoya has always prided itself on the distinguished design and exquisite craftsmanship of its products and over the last decade, has built a reputation for its very selective, handpicked associations, that are based on design and aesthetic. With Paris Fashion Week Zoya reaches out to international audiences as well.” – Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya-A Tata Product,


The brand, with two flagship stores in India and a thriving national and international distribution channel, is based on the ideas of sustainability that present fashion as a tool to create participation and empower the craft community.

Our purpose defines the process. The achingly slowed down process of hand-weaving and hand embroidery allows us to build sustainable livelihoods for more than 1000 artisans. We work in close association with the Ministry of Textiles in an attempt to sustain the storied heritage of Indian crafts.

We, as a design house that works on the philosophy of the 3 E’s – Environment, Employment and Empowerment, aim to look at luxury from the lens of participation and not just consumption.

“My objective is to create jobs which help people in their own villages, I take work to them rather than calling them to work for me. If villages are stronger you will have a stronger country, a stronger nation, and a stronger world. My entire philosophy revolves around that. The product will go through evolution – it will change, improve – but the philosophy is constant.” – Rahul Mishra


Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata is a luxury brand of fine jewellery, renowned for its precision craftsmanship and distinguished design. In its tenth year of operations, Zoya celebrates a #DecadeofDesign with a product created exclusively with the discerning, aesthetically astute woman as its muse. Zoya’s second showing at Paris Fashion Week includes a selection of pieces from its artistic collections. Unique inspirations from cities, history, culture, art, legends and the elements are translated into one of a kind designs by its panel of master craftsmen forming the genesis of Zoya’s myriad collections in contemporary and fusion styles. Zoya’s boutiques showcase luxury in its most undiluted form, and focus on providing an unmatched buying experience, that is both exclusive and personalised. Designed as galleries of fine art, each piece is displayed to resonate with reflections of Zoya’s inspirations from its journey around the world.


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