Qualities to Look For in Sunglasses

Buying sunglasses is just an easy task for most of us. When we see something pretty or cool, we purchase it right away. Or sometimes, we see a designer brand or saw something cheap and make a decision on getting them. However, there are some considerations you need to bear in mind when looking for sunglasses.

If you are wondering what are these important considerations, here’s our article that discusses all of the top qualities you should look for before your big purchase.

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Do They Have UV Protection?

UV protection should be the first quality that you look for when buying sunglasses. Ultraviolet eye protection is very important since UV radiation can damage not only our outer skin, such as our skin, but also our cornea, lens, and other parts of our eye. Moreover, not protecting your eyes from UV Rays can make you prone to cataracts and other eye complications.

People in sunny places or states with a sunny climate year-round, such as California, Hawaii, Texas, Georgia, and Florida particularly should look for glasses with UV protection. Talking about sunny areas, a supplier of wholesale sunglasses in Los Angeles says that the best UV protection glasses should block 99% to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. In addition, they should screen out 75% to 90% of visible light while still having proper color recognition. Take better care of your eyes by buying a pair that gives you 100% UV protection. Don’t just go for a stylish pair but go for functionality.

Do The Glasses Fit Appropriately?

Yes, the glasses fit matters—the better the lenses, the better coverage of protection for your skin and eyes. An appropriately fitted pair of glasses is one of the most important aspects of sunglasses. The lens should be large, and it would be best if it’s a wraparound lens that offers side protection. The sun rays are not just coming from the front but can also come through the sides. That is why an appropriate fit will help you block as many harmful rays as possible. To get better coverage and the best fit, you should check the:

Lens diameter – check the width of the lens from the bridge. While the mm matters from your style, choice, and prescription. It would be best to get where you are most comfortable.
Bridge width – bridge width refers to the space between your nose and the lenses. When trying on sunglasses, choose a fit that is not tight and pinching your nose. But be careful in getting a pair that fits loose because it will be wobbly on your face.

Side length – the last consideration in sunglasses fit is the side length. The most common ones are 135, 140, and 145mm. The length should be long enough to sit comfortably over your ears.

It is always vital to try on your glasses before purchasing. This way, you’ll get the feel when wearing it, and you will know if it has a weird fit.

What Is The Lens Coating?

Lens coating such as polarized, gradient, and anti-reflective coating will help protect your eyes better. Polarized lenses are better for minimizing glare for reflective surfaces. If you are always in the sun and doing high-glare recreations such as fishing and hiking, then you need another layer of protection.

Gradient and double gradient lenses also work the same as polarized lenses. They are not just for aesthetics purposes but also offer functionality. Another thing made possible by modern sciences is photochromic lenses or commonly known as “transitions.” They automatically adjust and darken in sunlight and lighten in low light, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sunglasses with specialized lens coating are not expensive, and if they cost more than your usual glasses, it is still worth it since it will protect your eyes better. You can research more about lens coating to know which one is suitable for you.

What Is The Frame Material?

A good frame can make sunglasses high quality and durable. This is why the material of the frame should also be one of the considerations when choosing sunglasses. There are plenty of types of material used, such as wood, metal, and plastic. Your lifestyle will also have to match your frame. Moreover, inspect the weight, strength, and flexibility. A good frame should be able to withstand corrosion and impact. They also should be sweat and water-resistant.

All of the frames have their own pros and cons. Such as metal frames are malleable but don’t offer many choices in style and color. On the other hand, plastic frames have plenty of choices to choose from; however, they are easily broken.

Is The Tint Suitable For Your Eyes?

Darker lenses don’t necessarily mean it offers more protection to your eyes, and lighter lenses don’t mean it lacks protection. Colors are just a matter of preference. However, the tint of the glasses is more important. Sunglasses with a gray tint can lessen overall brightness without color distortion, and amber-tinted glasses work better in low light settings or if you want to enhance your depth perception. Also, your eye color can affect your tint preference. Lighter eyed people are more sensitive to light and choose darker tint to block out more visible light, and dark-eyed people opt for lighter tint for better visuals.

Is Quality Good?

Check for the sunglasses’ overall quality, starting from the size, style, lenses, frame, and assess if it’s worth it for its price. If you regularly wear your sunglasses, it is just fair to get high-quality ones. One of the common mistakes in buying is compromising everything for the price or the style.

Remember that sunglasses are for protection, and you can certainly find a good balance between the two. Ensure that you follow these tips to ensure that you buy what’s only best for your eyes. If you have more in-depth questions, you can ask the experts and professionals so they can help you better.

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