Punk Rave X Esa Liang X Light & Shadow SS20 Fashion Show

Punk Rave X Esa Liang X Light & Shadow SS20 Fashion Show

Represented by Fashion Scout.

For the first time, three Chinese Fashion labels are coming together to showcase a collection for London Fashion Week with Fashion Scout. The collaboration consists established designer Esa Liang and iconoclastic fashion labels Punk Rave.

The third collaborator in the show is the Fashion Design Academy Light & Shadow Design which consists of a number of ‘in house’ designers and emerging student talent.

Punk Rave X Esa Liang X Light & Shadow

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Punk Rave, as the name suggests, appeals to modern day followers of ‘punk’ fashion and ideas. The ‘Punk Spirit’ is one that challenges the establishment, rebels and refuses to follow blindly. The Punk Rave collection reflects this rebellious spirit. As such, the clothing, which is practical and ‘challenging’, is very popular with Artists, Punks and Goths in China. In addition, Punk Rave clothes provide the wearer with an identifiable identity. The clothing will strike a chord and attract other ‘punk spirits’ and create a sense of unity. As such the clothing is a uniform that encourages like-minded people who wish to keep the spirits of ‘Goths’ and ‘Punks’ alive and gather together. Punk Rave has been operating in Europe and US for 12 years. It has significant brand recognition with Punk and Gothic groups in the West.


Designer Esa Liang’s work is characterised by her desire to constantly develop, never repeat and explore new ideas. She works by intuition and uses her heart as a lighthouse to guide the direction for the design of her collections. Liang’s target audience is a modern independent woman who wants to be stylish and original. The brand is loved in the Chinese media and entertainment industries. Liang’s label has built up a loyal following amongst singers and actors. Indeed her work is used in many Chinese television and music productions too.


The Light & Shadow Global Fashion Design Academy has senior fashion teachers and outstanding students. They produce fashion collections for different seasons and times of day – both light and shadow! The Academy encourages its students to develop their creativity and experiment with different projects. Because of this, as well as being functional and hard wearing, the brand’s clothing collections are always creative and experimental. This brand appeals to avant-garde followers of fashion who are believe their clothing reflects their passionate and positive attitude to life.

Show Credits

Presentation Production: Fashion Scout and Paul Swaby
Hair: Hair created by INDIRA SCHAUWECKER and the TONI&GUY Session Team using label. m Professional Haircare Styling
Make-up: Makeup by Annistasia Chandler for Solent University Events Team using Illamasqua products..


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