Private Policy Fall Winter 2018: New York Fashion Week Men’s

Private Policy NYFW FW18

Represented by Agentry PR.

During a time when few people defied Hitler, Charlie Chaplin created the cinematic spear, “The Great Dictator,” to mock the most powerful man on earth. Prior to the outbreak of WWII, Hitler’s Nazi ideals were not heavily criticized in the United States. Instead, he garnered support, to a point where Jews in America avoided the subject in conversation to avert conflict.

Chaplin could not hold back his faith in freedom, justice and humanity. He made a film to expose the dictator, not only of his evil and cruelty, but also the ridiculousness and self-righteousness he attributed. Utilizing Chaplin’s skilled understanding and usage of comedy and filmmaking, he created a Hollywood masterpiece and a wake up call for humanity.

Private Policy: NYFW FW18

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“Today we ask ourselves, how do we prevent another rise of a dictator? Maybe the answer is in the pursuit of knowledge and truth so we will not be fooled; maybe in the embrace of individuality and equality.

“PRIVATE POLICY has dedicated our FW18 collection to the bravery of Charlie Chaplin. We also want to stand up for what is right. Anti nuclear weapon, Anti dictatorship, Anti ignorance!

“We mix military uniform with the NEW YORK youth iconic silhouettes and fabrication. Once again, we want to dress up our fellow revolutionaries to be empowered to fight for our faith in Love and Equality!”


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