PH5 Spring 2018: New York Fashion Week

PH5: Inspired by Art

Quite possibly,
no one out there is doing knitwear at the same level as PH5.

Established in New York in 2014, the advanced contemporary women’s knitwear brand founded was by Wei Lin, the daughter of a large knitwear manufacturer, and created by a Parsons-trained, Kering Award-winning designer, Mijia Zhang.

In Search of Beauty in an Artificial Landscape

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Most often, Lin and Zhang’s collections are inspired by art, and the current collection is no exception. The SS18 collection focuses on human influence and manipulation of nature, and inspired by art the work of Marc Quinn, Thomas Stimm, and Dieter Huber.

The SS18 collection focuses on human influence and manipulation of nature

Marc Quinn makes art about what it is to be a person living in the world. Thomas Stimm is interested in the interplay of colors and forms and plays with the proportions of man and nature. And Dieter Huber, an Austrian visual artist, is regarded internationally as a pioneer of computer-generated images.

PH5’s moniker is based on the numeric pH scale, which ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 as neutral. If 7 represented androgynous unisex labels and 1 represented the extreme feminine or sexy brands, PH5 would be a brand that’s leaning more towards the edgier side while keeping a touch of femininity.

Their latest New York Fashion Week presentation, “In Search of Beauty in an Artificial Landscape,” incorporated real and artificial flowers, in a space scented with Joya silken lotus leaves and blossoms enhanced by wild mint geranium rose candles. PH5 selected a diverse cast of body types, ages, heights, and inserted a single male model to celebrate the idea of diversity.


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