Ottolinger Fall Winter 2019 Paris Fashion Week

Ottolinger Paris Fashion Week

It’s pretty simple. The reason why the sun’s motion seems patternless is because our world has three suns.” — Cixin Liu, The Three Body Problem

For their 2nd show on the official PFW calendar, Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient unveiled their collection in the old wooden theater of the Lycée Jacques Decour. Fantasy was at the core, both of the collection and the show concept: futuristic sportswear looks were shown in a perception disrupting environment, where lights were flashing and speakers shouting overpowering metallic sounds.

Ottolinger AW19

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OTTOLINGER AW19 collection is an apocalyptic space opera featuring the invincible power of love and reflecting the wishful thinking. Elaborating the combination of the ordinary and the fantastic, such as printed photographs of the Swiss New Years tradition, where they carry models of their houses on their heads, tradition check flannel, handwork, mixed with psychedelic check knits, denim and sportswear.

The brand’ signature aesthetic codes are still noticeable: asymmetric tops and pants, ripped fabrics, body-con outfits, organic inspiration. The creative duo is taking their sportswear ideas further this season with full technical textile looks, ski outfits reimagined as spatial uniforms enhancing the feminine silhouette. While remaining true to their original deconstructivist statement, OTTOLINGER offered this season more tailored and day-to-day easy to wear pieces, such as the green paisley silk looks, creatively bold but undoubtedly elegant.

OTTOLINGER developed the collection with underlying order in chaotic behavior, while taking some distance to allow innovation to run freely without too much control. It’s the chaos in the innovation practice that brings fantastic realism into the everyday.

“Coming up with a new speculative idea that moves me profoundly. For example, the unpredictable motion of three suns and the civilization that would arise in such a planetary system. Then I plan out a story around this seed. Finally, I create the characters to serve the story. My method of composition inevitably leads to stories in which the speculative idea is the core.“ — Cixin Liu, The Three Body Problem


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