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Shannon Thaler
A born-and-raised Jersey Girl, Shannon grew up with a love of dance and musical theater. She works as a full-time model while studying Digital Journalism and Media at PennState’s World Campus. When not working she loves to cook and write for her food blog, to share how she healed her own health through food and a positive mindset.

Nicole Miller Debuts Markle x Harry x Bowie-Inspired “Rock’n’Royalty” at NYFW

Nicole Miller at NYFW

Nicole Miller’s “Rock’n’Royalty” collection graced the NYFW runway this past Sunday at Spring Studios, glorifying rebellion with velvet midi dresses and mock neck blouses alongside hard rock t-shirts and crown-embellished leather jackets.

Miller drew inspiration from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s defiance towards the norm in order to step away from her typical silver palette, experiment with gold details, and infuse it all with a ’70s British Rock influence.

Designed to honor the late David Bowie by breaking gender barriers, juxtaposing conventionality and celebrating androgyny, Nicole Miller’s Fall 2020 collection was yet another royal success.

Designed to honor the late David Bowie by breaking gender barriers

Backstage Interview with Nicole Miller

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(Photos via: Nicole Miller)

Q: How does the collection you’re showcasing this Fashion Week differ from previous collections?

I think they are all always a little bit different and a little bit the same.

This season I used gold, and I am always more of a silver person with silver hardware and silver buttons. This time it’s almost all gold hardware. I’m wearing some of the silver that was on the runway last season, but what I chose this year has a lot more gold and silver combined. All the buttons are gold, and it’s fun to mix everything up. We also have boys in the show this year!

We also have boys in the show this year!

Q: You’ve been known to draw inspiration from your travels. Is there a particular place that has inspired the looks that will be on the runway this year?

No, not this time! I have to say it was really all the royalty in the press that got me started this year. All the rebellious royals were getting in trouble, and I was like “royalty,” that’s a good place to start!

So I made all these crowns, embroidered the leather jackets with the crowns, and then I just kept going from there.

It’s one of those things that evolved because I was originally thinking more rock and roll, but then came in the rebellious spirit, the spirit of the British and the androgyny of David Bowie, who was certainly the first one I remember to have that boy-girl thing going on with his androgynous look.

Bowie was the first one I remember to have that boy-girl thing going

So it ended up being all about rebellion with “Rock’n’Royalty.”

Q: Fashion Week (and the weeks leading up to it) get very busy and hectic. What do you do to find calm within that chaos?

It’s funny because I always get a case of potato chips for the office. Everybody loves potato chips! It’s crazy!

They all disappear, and now people even send me potato chips, so the whole office is eating them as a sort of stress-reliever.

Q: In 2020, what is a trend you’re hoping will either disappear or make a comeback?

You know I’m really tired of all these prairie, goodie-two-shoes looks.

Everybody’s been doing those high collars and little prairie dresses. I don’t really dress like that, so I hope that clothes will get a lot edgier.

I hope that clothes will get a lot edgier

Q: You’re the epitome of a strong, independent businesswoman. What advice to you have for other female forces looking to build their brand like you have?

You have to be really driven. It’s just about getting up and being resilient. You have to be resilient.

You have to be resilient

Q: Is there a Fashion Week show of yours from the past that particularly stands out?

Spring ’94 was one of my favorite shows. Spring 2011 was great, too, but Spring ’94 was “Girl Gangs.”

We gave all of the girls dreadlocks. After shows all of the models typically want to leave, pull all their hair out and take off their makeup, but they all went out with their dreadlocks after the show and just had the best time.

That was really such a fun show.


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