Neodandi & Glory Be Thy Name Debuts NYFW FW19 Collection

Neodandi & Glory Be Thy Name Debuts FW19 Collection

Neodandi invited over 250 guests consisting of press and buyers from all over the world to expression of spiritually through texture, movement, and color. The FW 19 designs by artist NiiLartey De Osu usher in a rebirth of luxury with a surprising freshness of alluring silhouettes for both men and women.

About the FW19 Collection

GLORY BE THY NAME — SUKI The word Suki is a term associated with the old way of tea in Japan. But today, we consider Suki to be a person of taste. A Suki is a lover. A person who chooses how and what they wear to where they go. We aim to aid these choices through the structures and the silhouettes and fabrics and textures, creating an environment with the garments that breathe urban zen.


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NEODANDI — EDEN Eden is a call to beginnings. To starting over.. “Eden means Luxury.” The luxury of being healthy, strong, and secure. In your own skin, in your own realm. Plush coats make rounded silhouettes a haven of personal space, layered over fitted tops, loose bottoms for men and women, Eden is a return to luxury as personal paradise.

About Brands

NEODANDI Neodandi House of Couture is a 21st Century Fashion House that brings spiritually imbued clothing with a new design style that uses function as form to augment personal growth. Neodandi believes in the true marketability of health and well being by creating a sustainable process of design that focuses on increasing individual strength and preserving the world in which we live. The 21st Century Citizen is one who is at home around the globe must have a wardrobe to match. In the 21st Century, the individual is the prize and Neodandi champions this idea by creating one of a kind pieces of Art clothing that not only portray strength, but style and an irrevocable notion that the world is changing … for the better.

GLORY BE THY NAME Do you feel safe under your skin? If you do, then my designs are created for you to feel even safer. If you don’t, my designs are created to help you get there. And when you get there, they are created to help you stay there. And when you stay there, they are created to help you elevate from there. If you are going to dress, why not dress in the security of your own skin? After all, that is where you are provided with that private space that we all seek — that interior affirmation that says, “What you see of me on the outside is what I am on the inside” — so that harmony and balance is achieved in such a way that the moment is captured in the security of confidence, saying, “Glory Be Thy Name.”


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