Meet Lollipetals: A New Way to Lingerie

Meet Lollipetals – A New Way to Lingerie

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by Ashley-Victoria Smith

2020 has single-handedly endorsed the #freethenipple movement and — as a certified bra fitter — I feel like a traitor, since I personally haven’t worn a bra since February 8, 2020.

Because of COVID, nearly half — if not all — women are now either working from home or remotely and, guess what, they aren’t wearing a bra.

But if you’re like me, when you have to go out and run an errand or grab an oat-milk latte, you want some sort of coverage, right? I retreat to my “model bag” in which I store fashion tape, safety pins, emergency kits, and nipple pasties.

Nipple pasties aren’t a new thing but let’s be honest, they haven’t been showoff-worthy either: they are boring and bland.

Founder of Lollipetals, Lara Colucci says:

“My biggest issue with other nipple covers on the market is they felt and looked like censorship, like they were saying ‘cover up and hide.’ I wanted to create coverage without a bra because it’s what I personally feel best in, but I didn’t want it to feel shameful. Something about blank nude discs made me think of a punishment more than a celebration.”

Lollipetals’ illustrated designs come in an array of bright, bold and nude palettes. Made from the highest-quality silicone, Lollipetals adhesive pasties are satiny smooth, superbly functional (one pair can be used up to 20 times) and above all, stunningly stylish.

“Pasties can be beautiful, elegant, cheeky, sophisticated, fun — all of the things typically reserved for lingerie. So they’re a new way to lingerie, with all of the fun and beauty but also seriously comfortable and easy to wear.”

One thing that I realize too is that nipple pasties aren’t just for fashion-forward women. It doesn’t matter what size girls you have, if you want some coverage while going braless, grab a pair of Lollipetals.

“If Lollipetals achieves nothing else, I hope it’s helping women to love and accept their breasts exactly as they are!” – says Colucci.

I hope they help women love and accept their breasts exactly as they are


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