Mano a Nano: Au197Sm Makes its Couture Debut at AltaRoma

Luxury & Street, Nano-tech & Couture

Au197Sm confirmed its status as a pioneer in the evolution of the world of fashion, debuting on the Altaroma catwalk with its avant-garde couture that merges sartorial savoir faire with nano-tech vision. “Couture collides with nano technology” is the special edition collection that debuted in Rome on 29 Juneat Cinecittà studios and that for the first time introduced into the Couture landscape the fusion of precious metals and the use of ultrasonic welding.

The Looks

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Questions to Paola Emilia Monachesi, Creative Director

Q: Au197Sm trascends the boundaries of material and style: what does it mean exactly?

The name itself expresses the history of the project: the letters Au197Sm represents the chemical symbol of the sole stable isotope of gold. Indeed, we melt 24 Karat gold and other precious metals with fabrics, through a patent-protected process, that involves both complex engineering and totally handmade processes. We have also been the first to apply ultrasound seams on fine fabrics. Until now precluded to technical materials with a minimum percentage of synthetic fiber, Au197Sm had opened the way to the use of ultrasound bonding with garments made of cady, silk and jersey, among others. Indeed, the casting of gold and other precious metals that characterizes its collections alters the composition of the fibers, making them suitable for ultrasound seaming.

We have been the first to apply ultrasound seams on fine fabrics

Q: Taking part to AltaRoma with the “Couture collides Nano-Technology” collection Au197Sm has just debuted in the couture industry: what is the trait d’union between technology and couture?

Technology, research and tradition are the key points of our philosophy, which has revolutionised the concept of craftsmanship and of handmade as applied to fashion, in a manner that includes the use of the latest generation machines by expert hands. The result is a real tech-couture in a futuristic mould that we decided to present in the key capitals of couture fashion -– first Rome, then Paris -– to a new audience that knows how to recognise and appreciate the avant-garde content.

we have revolutionised the concept of craftsmanship

Q: What does it mean for a creative director to work on the creation of the material itself?

We feel at the core-point of fashion creation’s future. Our creative model is absolutely innovative: the collection does not start with sketches, design and models. On the contrary, we start with creating new fabrics and textures: we play with a wide range of materials and techniques, spanning, for example, from gold to plexiglass and from fusion to ultrasound bonding. Through experimentation we then propose and launch extremely innovative looks.

Q: Three words to define Au197Sm?

Luxury & Street, Nano-tech & Couture

Questions to Stefano Maccagnani, CEO

Q: You are an ecletic entrepreneur working on several projects, spanning from informatic, finance, and biomedical. Why did you choose to enter in the fashion industry?

I’ve always been interested in what is new and fashion is all about newness. The choice to join this industry came natural. The highest ambition I have for my activities is overcoming the boundaries to develop new technologies that can enhance the life of the human being. Every technology can be useful for several industries and the entire potential of every innovation should be investigated and employed according to any possible perspective. With this in mind, I though that the realm of beauty as well was worth of research and innovation.

fashion is all about newness

Q: Au197Sm fashion approach can be defined eco-sustainable? How?

Yes, it is. Au197Sm only employes material that can be recylcled and re-used, with the purpose to preserve the enviroment from fashion-wastes, which to date account for an important part of the ecology-issue. Since the launch of our label we have always prioritized, in the development of our collections, the focus on the eco-sustainability of the manufacturing process.

Q: We all know made-in-Italy for its craftsmanship heritage: however, Au197Sm is an Italian brand projected into the future through innovation and technology. Has a new made-in-Italy been born?

Yes, I believe so. Au197Sm is an international brand whose roots deeply lie in Italy: indeed, while the creative-office is based in Milan our hyper-tech production laboratory is based in Rome. At the same time, our team is international and we do not hesitate to collaborate with hubs of excellence dislocated worldwide. For example, our finest embroideries come from a special hub based in New Delhi (India). The result is defintely a new and more contemporary definition of “made-in-Italy”.

Au197Sm is an international brand whose roots deeply lie in Italy


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