Liam Hodges SS20 LFWM

Liam Hodges SS20 LFWM

Aspects of modern society force us to look forward and innovate, yet also unlock primitive urges within our subconscious. As we navigate hurdles, the gamification of the self becomes more and more apparent as our sense of who we are becomes fractured through the kaleidoscope of online media.

Liam Hodges SS20: Fifth Generation blends primitive-futurism with cyberpunk ideas to translate the works of cultural behemoths David Cronenberg and Aldous Huxley into garments that reference the then and speak to the now. So what’s so special about the special? Contrasting interwoven fabrics reflect the multifaceted nature of human personality and embody societies schizophrenic need to self-edit, self-censor and self-promote. Wormhole motifs exemplify the pull of the future whilst signature use of mixed media anchors the Liam Hodges brand.

Liam Hodges SS20 LFWM

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At once dated and futuristic, The Flintstones looked to the future through a stone age lens employing cutting edge tech to depict a prehistoric story. In the same vein Liam Hodges collaborates with artist Alfie Kungu, producing hand painted pieces and graphic knitwear. A butterfly motif is present as a totemic symbol of rebirth, a sentiment that is continued through the redesigned Liam Hodges logo.

The styling works as a carousel of Sim-like avatars. Wigs oscillate between genres and so models embody a variety of characters. With continued exposure, faces are distorted using tape and wire as IRL personalities and multiple online personas become increasingly blurred.

Italian sports brand Ellesse and Liam Hodges come together for a second collaboration. Fusing heritage sportswear with low-fi graphics and sci-fi nostalgia to create ‘Boris Becker meets Tron’. Neon piping, raised fur effect embroidery, digital dot print and jacquard feature across multiple sportswear pieces, all produced in light and breathable fabrics.

Introducing swimwear by Liam Hodges x Boardies. The four-piece capsule is created with fabrics made from 100% recycled water bottles. The mixed, deconstructed Liam Hodges prints disrupt their aesthetic illusion and reminds one of the design process.

The collective consciousness is forced into a liminal space between the metrics of never-ending social media accounts. The pressures that this duality causes leaves us not only competing with others but also the past and present untruths we have created in a quasi-dystopian battle royale.


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