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Let’s Talk About Plus Size and Body Positivity, Says Miami Swim Week Attendee

(Cover photo: Chromat)

“What About the 80%?” asks attendee

Model/entrepreneur Dani Bassett went to Miami Swim Week with high hopes of finding a selection of looks catering to the plus-size market, but felt disappointed, as she relates below. She says: “As a model, it was important for me to mean something more than just another pretty face. I wanted to bring value not just to potential clients, but to those watching. I use my platform to stand for self-love and body inclusivity, but to also serve as a stepping stone to other women. I started my company, Girl Blossom, for exactly that. Girl Blossom is dedicated to creatively develop women owned startups.

“I visited multiple pop-up locations through Swim Week, and was quite hopeful since over the years the fashion industry has been more accepting of different body types. I attended the Chromat pop-up being hosted at The Standard and the Miami Curves Week being hosted at The Marseilles Hotel. The Chromat event was wonderful, the hotel itself is great along with the staff that was working at the Chromat tent. They were very kind and helpful and when I tried on a few items, they actually made notes next to each item on how to improve them.

The Chromat event was wonderful

“After, I made my way over to the Marseilles Hotel where Miami Curves Week was held.

Thick Wave

“The brands at Miami Curves Week felt strongly about representing the Curve community. Out of the vendors selling swimsuits, I would say that Thick Wave showed most that they wanted to add a bit more edge. They added deep-v slits to their one and two pieces and they’re adding clear center panels to their tops.

Thick Wave showed most that they wanted to add a bit more edge

“I think the reason I was expecting more is because of the swimsuit for all collaborations with Gabi Fresh and Ashley Graham. Heck, I’ll even throw Fashion Nova Curve in there. Gabi and Ashley really give us great styles. They add sexy details, colors, and support where it’s needed. Unfortunately, I thought I’d see more of that and I didn’t.

“I then walked toward the massive, extravagant Cabana Show. They had two massive tents built in Collins Park and part of the third floor at the W Hotel. I was pretty excited about this one because it was hundreds and hundreds of vendors all in one space, and I thought to myself, ‘there has to be a representation of all sizes in either of those tents.’ I walked through many accessory vendors, beach wear, and of course swimsuits.

“After walking through both tents, I was again disappointed. When you have the people like Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham, Paloma Elsesser, Denise Bidot, and so many other beautiful faces representing such a MASSIVE community, it makes you really wonder what’s going on that these sizes are still not being represented.

“At this point, it’s honestly upsetting.

“Outside of Swim Week, have you gone through some of these high end retailers’ Instagram feeds? All of the women on there are sizes 2 and under. Yes, those women are beautiful and they have all the right to be featured, but so do we. Beyoncé and JLO are not our representatives just because they have bigger hips, yet those are the only two curvy women featured on NET-A-PORTER, for example.

“It’s exhausting that we still have to fight this battle when 80% of the world is larger than a size 2.

80% of the world is larger than a size 2

“Times are changing, and for a industry that’s all about change and innovation, it seems like there’s a huge disconnect.

“We will continue to let our voices be heard and we will earn our seat at the table. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and concerns.”


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