L’épouvantail: Exclusive Editorial from Altorrin McIntyre and Eric Garcia-March

The Scarecrow

Words by Art Director and Stylist Altorrin McIntyre (@altorrin):

Whenever I am embarking on a story idea, I like to go with a concept that hasn’t been run into the ground by other artists. I reached out to one of my preferred photographers, Eric Garcia-March (@egarmarch) to help convey my vision. He was perfect for this because he is on the few great photographers that is able to go on a journey and get lost with me.

I saw this scarecrow story with a great deal of texture. It’s totally what a scarecrow would wear. The hay, the hair, the mixing of patterns and the layering, all are intentional. We chose the model Alyona Subbotina (@alyonasubbotina) because when it comes to great movement she is among the best!

Scarecrow Editorial

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Metaphorically speaking, just like scarecrows — we all can be stuffed with crap and manipulated if we aren’t wise.

The hair is great, the model is divine, makeup is flawless and of course the lighting is perfection. My goal was to just to evoke — whether it’s a good, bad, scary, dreamy — whatever! Just bring the scarecrow to life and feel something!

Photographer: Eric Garcia-March
Styling & Art Direction: Altorrin McIntyre
Hair: F.Wayne for Oribe using Oribe products
MUA: Robert Reyes using PAT McGRATH LABS
Model: Alyona Subbotina represented by RED Models NYC
Photographer’s Assistant: Justin Gold
Assistant Stylist: Alexius Diana

Boots by Tibi /
Sweater by Tibi /
Pants by Tibi /
Jacket by Burning Torch /
Hat by Jenni Kayne

Top by Elena Rudenko /
Pants by Saint Laurent /
Jacket by Søsken Studios /
Gloves by Wing & Weft /
Hat by Galpon /
Boots by Paula Torres

Jacket by Byron Lars /
Overcoat by Byron Lars /
Top by Saku New York /
Pants by Vivienne Westwood /
Gloves by Wing & Weft /
Boots by Tibi

Body Suit by Sienna Li /
Pants by Saku New York /
Shoes LAX /
Gloves by Wing & Weft /
Coat by Monzlapur

Body Suit by Sienna Li /
Gloves by Wing & Weft

Top by Forsythia /
Pants by Dsquared /
Coat by Chae /
Shoes by LAX

Blouse by Heike /
Bustier by Heikejarick /
Pants by Gucci /
Fringe Shorts by Saku New York /
Coat by Kepaza

Pants by Byron Lars /
Gloves by Wing & Weft /
Jacket by Burning Torch /
Coat by Xllullan

Top by Xllullan


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