Leonie Mergen Brings German Tailoring and Craftsmanship to Fashion

Designer Highlighting German Craftsmanship

As an exclusive designer for Oxford Fashion Studios London Fashion Week, German couture Leonie Mergen is no rookie to runways. Now she shares prepping for fashion week, what inspires her and sets self-titled brand apart in the fashion industry.

After graduating from ESMOD Berlin, Leonie started her self-titled high-end Berlin based men’s and womenswear label in 2016. Focusing on the consumer that sets value on highly elegant designs and exclusive materials. Inspired by profoundly researched inspirational concepts, she was able to define the Leonie Mergen woman and man that are conscious of sustainability and traceable production of their clothes. As seen on her previous collection, which focused on the cultural heritage of the South Caucaus. Leonie merged the regions historical art with her design work through the process of creative translation.

Aside from her participation in OFS London Fashion Week, Leonie Mergen has been part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin since 2017. No longer an amateur designer, Leonie Mergen has a method that helps her attain fashion week success. Starting with setting a production deadline of the showpieces a month ahead from show time, marked as a crucial part of the journey. This helps her focus on details of the show without time pressure. Just as important is capturing the runway looks weeks ahead. Which assist with Leonie traveling to London frequently coordinating different aspects of the show along with Oxford Fashion Studio.

While in the midst of the fashion week chaos, Leonie is still able to reflect back on what is her favorite part about being a designer and creating her own collection, sharing “being a designer gives me the opportunity to express myself through a form of art.”

Something that makes Leonie Mergen the brand stand out is the focus on highlighting German tailoring craftsmanship in the designs. Since items are designed and produced in Germany, this plays a role in allowing her team to be in full control. Which in turn are translated in the runway through timelessly clear cuts, sophisticated handcrafted details, couture-inspired delicate silhouettes for women and modernly masculine compositions for men.

“In times of fast fashion it gets more and more important to make a statement against mass production and intransparency across fashion supply chains.”

To shop Leonie Mergen visit leoniemergen.com, and stay tuned on what’s next at @LeonieMergen.


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