LAVIGI: Parisian Star Perfumer Creates Niche Fragrance of Almost 100% Plant Extracts

What is the philosophy behind the brand and where can you buy these exquisite niche perfumes?

A limited collection of the new fragrance brand LAVIGI will soon be launched on the European market. The fragrance positions itself as environmentally friendly. Dozens of components are skillfully interwoven, flowing harmoniously into each other and creating an aura.

Who owns the fragrance, owns the hearts of the people

Fragrances are closely linked to emotions, They can take us back in time and evoke a wave of nostalgia. the unforgettable and sensual experience of the first kiss, from the experience and luxury of the present moment.

“The fragrance is like a maze of memories,” says the founder of the brand Vladislav Aschenbrenner. “Only one of them will show you the right way. Our perfume will appeal to those who take risks and make unconventional choices, moving towards their dreams and expanding the possibilities of their realization. LAVIGI embodies the harmony of centuries-old traditions, exceptional values and high standards of living. The uniqueness of each personality is fully expressed through the multi-faceted fragrance sound.”

The author of the LAVIGI line is the independent perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, who works only with niche fragrances. She is creator of world bestsellers such as Lancome Hypnose, Versace Blonde, Eau Des Merveilles Hermès and many more.

The secret of LAVIGI

The story of the new perfume house began in 2020. The brand owes its name to the founder’s. The cohesive, inseparable intertwining of the label’s four V’s is a cipher. It contains the initial letters of the founder Vladislav, his wife Vera and his two daughters Violetta and Virginia.

LA is Langenhagen, the place of residence of the company owner.
VI – the first two letters of the name of the founder’s daughter, Violetta.
GI – fourth and fifth letters of the name of the second daughter Virginia.

In this way, the contemporary composition preserves a legacy of precious emotions and vivid impressions of a finite, ever-changing and unique life.

How the craft becomes art

The production and bottling of the perfume takes place in the world capital of perfume, Grasse in France. The crystal bottle is made in a glass manufactory. The luxury of the fragrance is emphasized by golden design elements. To contribute to a eco-friendly way of living, the box of the fragrance consists of bamboos wood.

Additionally, LAVIGI perfume does not contain synthetic substances, making it a sustainable solution in the field of perfumes.

The quality and safety is confirmed by certificates of the International Perfumery Association IFRA and the Institute for Fragrance Research RIFM.

Pret-a-porter prices – a guarantee of your uniqueness

Add a higher concentration of fragrance oil to the ingredients of luxury perfumes in organic quality, you will find that it is better to try one long-lasting top perfume than a hundred mediocre creations. Selective perfumes stay on the body for more than 10 hours, preserving and revealing all the fragrance nuances with each hour, while mass fragrances fade quickly and need to be reapplied. Niche perfumes have personality. They accentuate your chosen scent. Surround yourself with an aura of mystery, sophistication and a unique mood. Complete your collection with LAVIGI. This young and promising brand plans to launch a new product every year for lovers of exclusive compositions. Look out for limited edition releases to be on trend with people with a unique soul sound.

Presentation & Sources LAVIGI – Extrait de Parfum:

The bottle is made of the purest crystal glass and accented with 24-karat gold, a luxurious masterpiece with an exquisite composition of high-quality and exquisite ingredients The bottle is stored in a black matte casket created with sustainable bamboo wood.

30 ml: 950 EUR


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LAVIGI – Extrait de Parfum

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