L Saha Spring Summer 2023 Collection

We are pleased to welcome you to the unveiling of ‘sɛrəf’ the Spring Summer 2023 collection by L Saha.

Sɛrəf is our interpretation of beauty, grace, humility and most importantly innocence among the human race. The collection has been inspired by the five elements and unseen forces that guide the evolution of mankind and other lives on planet Earth.

A key focus has been on the element ‘earth’ and the importance of being close to our roots while we develop our wings. We have drawn on characteristics of mankind as well as other dimensions that exist, to create a collection that is earthy, natural and ethereal at the same time.

L Saha

The thought process has been to envision human beings evolve into vastly more conscious, in-tune, instinctive and innocent being, who are ‘Guardians’ of the Planet Earth. Unlike the technologically connected- constantly distracted humans that we are today, sɛrəf embodies qualities and power of the human mind and its super-consciousness.

The highlights of the show includes 100% handwoven dresses that have been made at our atelier in London, using natural fibres and fabrics that are not only exceptional quality but also low impact in the way they have been made and are designed to have minimal environmental footprint throughout their entire lifecycle.

As with previous seasons, our Creative Director has handwoven key pieces in the collection and the process has also been documented and available upon request.

Laboni Saha, Founder & Creative Director of L Saha, says:

This collection is our call to return to the time when our minds were free from the outside worlds’ wider agenda. To return to the roots of what truly matters to us and let our choices (in fashion and otherwise) be guided by that. When we live our lives with authenticity, the world we live in becomes an ‘authentic’ one.

There are plenty green shoots sprouting from the concrete grounds.
The planet knows its ways. There is no need to panic.
Pause. Breathe in. Breathe out.

We are pleased to have joined forces with our venue partner Baglioni London, perched on the edge of Hyde Park, boasting exceptional views across the park and Kensington Gardens.

We would like to welcome comments, questions or feedback from fashion, luxury and sustainability journalists to join us, as we celebrate the launch of a new collection, as well as a new era that is marked by positive changes.


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