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Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots.

Interview with Pamella Roland: Resort-Holiday 2018

When Resort Goes on Holiday

This season, Pamella Roland combined her Resort and Holiday collections into one, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Held at Bulgari’s newly renovated flagship on 5th Ave, every look was perfectly adorned with the jewels. From the cobalt-blue, jacquard, off-the-shoulder mermaid gown — layered with a sapphire statement necklace — to the short cocktail dress embellished with pink ostrich feathers, every woman could find her dress to steal the room in.

Veering away from a traditional Resort or Holiday collection, Roland stuck to what she knows best: the dramatics of embellishment, and shine of gorgeous gowns with great cuts and silhouettes. The colors were clearly inspired by her travels to the Bahamas, mixed in with cranberry and emerald greens that are a sure winner during the holidays.

The hero piece was a fresh new take on a classic tulle dress. The triple-layered skirt created an ombre effect in a way that reminds one of a melting sunset. The bodice’s fabric manipulation makes you stop and appreciate the piece in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Mixing it up with some sharply tailored pants, jackets, and even a beaded corset, Rolland is delivering looks that show the evolution of Pamella Roland, going from an eveningwear company to a brand that truly delivers a look for any occasion in which a woman wants to steal the spotlight comfortably.

Q: So, you have 29 looks this year. What was your big inspiration behind this season?

For the Resort, because it comes out in October, we had to realistically think about this. We were doing Resort and Holiday.

Birds of a Feather

[portfolio_slideshow id=58298 align=center width=699 click=advance thumbnailsize=40 showcaps=false]

So for the Resort part of it, I was in the Bahamas and it was in spring, when all the flowers come out, and are so beautiful, and the water there, like here, has differences in grey-blues. I don’t think there’s prettier water than in the Bahamas. And then we just started thinking Holiday, and this cranberry color came in perfectly.

Q: I love the inspiration behind the collection, the two time periods are married together perfectly! So, what type of woman do you see in this collection?

You know, it’s really interesting because we dress all ages. We dress the daughters, the mothers, the grandmothers. So, it definitely it depends on the dresses. The sheer blue dress with gems and feathers takes some real confidence! You know you’re going to be looked at.

You know you’re going to be looked at.

Q: So, for the jewelry, how do you pick the perfect piece of jewelry for each of these looks so that it complements it, rather than just taking away from it?

Well because we’re at Bulgari, we do a little bit more than normal. Some of the dresses don’t need much jewelry, other than a ring. The more simple dresses we paired with a big statement necklace. I love jewelry, so I have no problem picking jewelry!

because we’re at Bulgari, we do a little bit more than normal

Q: So, how did you get your start in the fashion industry?

I went to Michigan State University. I was into clothes my whole life. And I was into art: I did pottery, I made jewelry, I did all sorts of things. But my father was like, “You’ll never make money in art.”

So, I have a business degree from Michigan State University, as I told you. But I’m happy because a lot of people start a business and they forget about all sides of it. Basically the reason my doors are still open is because I remember: “You know what? You have to make money.”

So when we thought about this whole Resort thing — it goes into stores in October — I realized it’s kind of crazy for us designers to have little spring dresses in October. Most of the time, people don’t even think about Resort until after the holidays!

That’s why, this year, we split it up.

it’s kind of crazy to have little spring dresses in October

But I just do something I love. Neiman’s picked me up on our first season. We weren’t always just a gown company. We kind of evolved. We learned we can make dresses very well, with a good fit. If you’re a 6, you’re a 6. It’s not like some gown, you’re a 6, but you fit like a 0.

We learned to make dresses with a good fit.


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