Kyleigh McCollam
Kyleigh McCollam
Kyleigh McCollam is the internationally recognized influencer of C'est le Style who is known for her bold yet classic fashion sense. Her goal is to empower others to embrace their individuality, and not put limitations on themselves, especially when it comes to what they wear.

Interview with Pamella Roland at NYFW FW17

On a Roll

Not everyone decides to become a fashion designer in their 40s. And not many designers of any age experience the kind of tremendous success enjoyed by Pamella DeVos, of Pamella Roland, who boasts an extended celebrity clientele (as if that mattered).

But as Pamella tells us in this interview, her greatest joy is in making anyone feel special.

Writer Kyleigh McCollam of C’est Le Style caught up with Pamella after the show to ask her a few questions about the collection.

Walking Art

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Q: What was the inspiration behind this season’s collection?

Our customer loves to wear jewel tones in the fall. I love all the berries and garnets and aubergine. So I told my design team, this is what we’re doing this year. Because I love these colors.

Q: What’s your creative process when designing each collection, from the fabrics to the silhouettes?

It depends what you start with. This time, I started with a painting. [The collection was inspired in part by Mark Rothko.] Then you start looking through fabrics. I love fabrics. Obviously we’re doing beaded dresses, so we go through a lot of samples looking at beading. Let me tell you; that can take awhile. It’s fun, but they can start looking alike after awhile.

This time, I started with a painting.

Q: What is your favorite piece from this collection and why?

You know what, my favorite is the one that opened the finale; the strapless, the one with the ribbons in all the different colors. What was so great about that is it has all of our inspiration colors. And there was a lot of hand work in that dress.

Q: Describe the ideal “Pamella Roland woman” — who is she, and what does she represent?

I get asked this often, and they’re really all ages.

I’ve dressed the daughters, and their mothers, and grandmothers. Obviously we’re known for our gowns and cocktail dresses. So a lot of the time, it’s a really special event they’re going to.

I’ve dressed daughters, mothers, and grandmothers.

So more than anything, I just want them to feel good in it, and feel good about themselves in our dresses.

They’re kind of a piece of art. A walking piece of art.


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