Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots.

An Interview with Alex Vinash

Interview with Alex Vinash

Flower appliqué, hand-embroidered birds and sheer looks dominated at the Alex Vinash Fall/Winter 2017 show.

This season it was hard to ignore subtle political messages within every collection. Vinash paid homage to the 1920s, when women were liberated from the restricting codes of fashion to discover their newfound beauty and grace through clothing.

Any correlation to the political movement resounding within most Americans right now? You can be the judge of that one. From the sheer tops and dresses to sequins and feather details, each model exuded the confidence to wear a look that demanded a certain stage presence: the very look Vinash loves to deliver. Before starting his career in fashion design, Vinash was a professional Argentinian ice skater, where his appreciation for the way every piece moves with the body was forged.

Q: Do you remember the first piece you ever made?

The first piece I made was a bodysuit that had tulle and flowers; it was so awesome! Vanity Fair actually used it for a video! It was such a memorable moment for me.

Q: What was your inspiration for this collection?

It was twofold. First, I was inspired by the Women’s Movement in the ’70s that showed the strength of a woman, highlighting the juxtaposition of her beauty and masculinity. I love the fact that their fight for equality then, resonates so strongly today.

Second, the ’20s have always been an era I’ve garnered inspiration from; I love the feathers, sparkle, and classical femininity displayed during that time period, when going on a date took an entire day just to get ready!

I was inspired by the Women’s Movement in the ’70s.

At the Show

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(Photos by Steve Kim)


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(Photos by Jack Paulus)

Q: Which piece in this collection do you see has the “hero piece”  
My hero piece has to be the green jumpsuit with capri oxford pants! Though it looks simple, it’s a must have. You can do SO much with it!

Q: If you could dress anyone, who would you like to dress?

Well, LOTS of people — where do I begin! I absolutely love, love, love Florence (from Florence + the Machine) and Taylor Swift!

Q: What can everyone look forward to in the future of the brand?

I will continue to make a statement through my pieces, bringing my handmade work to life. I believe in making beautiful clothes that make people feel even more beautiful.


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