International Digital Fashion Week Announces Fall / Winter 2021-22 Season and Launches IDFW Competition

International Digital Fashion Week Announces Fall / Winter 2021-22 Season and Launches IDFW Competition

by Allee Feuerman

Fashion Week is back and better than ever thanks to International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW).

FNL Network hosted the largest fashion week event in history on September 5th, 2020 which streamed over 100 designer collections to millions of viewers across the globe on the FNL Network platform. International Digital Fashion Week drew in over 77 million media impressions and single-handedly saved the fashion industry during a major time of need.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, FNL Network has been the largest contributor to the success of the fashion industry while the world is shut down. As fashion weeks around the world have been canceled, FNL Network’s solution to keep the traditions of Fashion Week alive, has allowed designers from all over the world to showcase their collections to a bigger and more diverse audience than ever before.

FNL Network will host the second season of International Digital Fashion Week on February 25th, 2020, and expects an even greater turnout. The digital event will be showcasing more global designers than any fashion week has ever showcased before, including season one of IDFW. Viewers will have access to a wide selection of creative fashion content by all different kinds of designers from around the world.

IDFW Fall Winter 2021-22 will also feature a brand-new component that invites aspiring designers and students to be showcased on International Digital Fashion Week and entered into the IDFW Competetion. These designer collections will then be assesed by a panel of judges that consist of presidents of other fashion weeks, celebrities, press, major fashion journalists, and other prominent people in the fashion industry and entered to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the competition. The deadline for submissions into the competition ends December 15th, 2020, all students and emerging designers are welcome to participate. For more information about the competition visit

COVID-19 has impacted the success of many businesses and industries across the globe. However, while many industries struggle to find hope during this time, the fashion industry has continued to thrive through the toughest of times and IDFW has had a huge part in the industries success.

The overwhelming amount of support received from esteemed members in the fashion industry and advocates/fans of the industry have shown the importance of the arts, entertainment and fashion in the world, even in the middle of a pandemic. International Digital Fashion Week brought a new perspective of fashion to the industry and will continue to advance fashion weeks to come. IDFW is something the world has never experienced before, and now that it’s here, we’ve come to wonder how we ever lived without it.

IDFW is the future. It’s a platform where global designers can showcase their digital video showing their collections to the world. IDFW is something the world has never experienced before and it has provided an opportunity for designers to showcase their collections to a global audience, for anyone to watch around the world. Fashion Week has never been accessible to this many people before, in this manner. International Digital Fashion Week is inclusive and diverse way to share the art of fashion with a massive audience. FNL Network has set up IDFW for the new era. The future of fashion week is 100% digital.

IDFW encompasses an array of original fashion content for a global audience and airs exclusively on FNL Network for free. As the first and only TV network to create a digitally broadcasted global Fashion Week, IDFW is the biggest fashion week ever showcased to date and is accessible everywhere around the world on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Android devices, and iOS devices.

As a result of the pandemic, The CEO and founder of FNL Network, Rocco Leo Gaglioti, has gifted FNL Network for FREE on all platforms to all viewers to allow viewers full access to FNL Network’s plethora of entertainment.

The second season of International Digital Fashion Week is planned to premiere on February 25, 2021. If you are a designer and interested in showing with International Digital Fashion Week please email

To download the FNL Network TV Channel or APP for free: CLICK HERE.


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