Inbar Freiman NYFBW Interview

Inbar Freiman NYFBW Interview

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Inbar Freiman’s spectacular collection caught our eye this past Bridal Week in New York. Founded in 2015, Inbar Freiman is a luxury bridal brand based in Kfar Rut, Israel. Inbar’s designs are an extension of her elegantly feminine aesthetic and reflect both simplicity and sophistication. We sat down to learn more about the designer.

Inbar Freiman

Q: What inspired you to enter the bridal industry and ultimately create your own bridal brand? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Inbar Freiman has given me the opportunity to express my artisanship and design bridal gowns that incorporate my love for quality, elegance, and intricate details. I attended Shenkar College of Fashion Design in Tel Aviv where I dove deeper into the bridal world and fell in love with it. My husband and I work together to ensure every Inbar Freiman bride has their dream dress.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Fall 2022 Fairy Dreams Collection?

Fairy Dreams was created at a time when the world was finally starting to see a brighter future compared to when our previous collection was released. In Hebrew, “Atid Varod” refers to a “pink future”, something that had a significant impact on the Fairy Dreams collection. Israeli ceramics focus on the organic harmony of nature. The texture and fabrics of the gowns are heavily inspired by these architectural lines and shapes.

In Hebrew, “Atid Varod” refers to a “pink future”

Q: How do you think your consumers would describe your bridal gowns?

We pay special attention to the quality, design and luxurious materials used within our gowns. The collections are delicate, timeless, and elegant cut to flatter the figure and movement of the female form. Our gowns are best characterized as naturally feminine and bohemian with a romantic twist.

Q: How does Inbar Freiman incorporate sustainability into their design process?

We recycle unused fabrics from previous collections and find innovative ways to incorporate them into new collection pieces. We ensure our fabrics do not go to waste by utilizing them in full. We mostly use natural fabrics of the highest quality to stay conscious of our impact on the environment.

After sourcing some of our raw fabrics, the gowns are produced almost entirely by hand and in-house in our atelier in Israel. This significantly limits our carbon footprint as we are not wasting energy on international shipments nor on factory production. A lot of our brand’s inspiration is drawn from the natural environment, so we are dedicated to protecting it.

the gowns are produced almost entirely by hand and in-house

Q: What excites you the most about NYFBW?

We have been so excited to come to New York City to meet new consumers, designers and expand Inbar Freiman in the United States. I have devoted myself and my career to my brand and want to share my unique style and aesthetic with NYFBW. It is important for me to connect and create relationships with those interested in our gowns because it is such an intimate and monumental moment in our bride’s life.


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