How To Find a Great Eyelash Extension Salon

How To Find a Great Eyelash Extension Salon

Beauty trends are constantly changing. Over the past decade, eyelash extensions have become very popular and are now a regular part of many beauty routines. Don’t confuse false lashes (or “falsies” as they are often known) with lash extensions.

The latter is a longer lasting beauty procedure good for 4 to 6 weeks and provides a much more natural and convincing look albeit at a higher price.

Lash extensions have the power to make the eyes pop and look more dramatic with a tasteful highlight that compliments your look. Mascara, as one of the must-have and common makeup products for lashes, is simply no longer enough for some women.

That is why lash extensions are a more convenient and popular solution. They are applied by a trained lash technician, they last for over a month and they save you precious time each morning by allowing you to skip your morning mascara routine.

Before you can enjoy the benefits of eyelash extensions you’ll need to find the right lash technician to apply them. Quality lash extension supplies combined with an excellent beauty service provider are what make for an exceptional end result. The eyelash extension application and the subsequent touch-ups (called infills) that come after that application are a process that needs to be carried out by a professional.

Certified and experienced in particularly that area, the lash technician will give you the best and the safest application and can make recommendations based on your natural lashes and eye shape. So how do you find a great lash extension salon and book an appointment?

There’s no shortage of beauty salons around these days so it can be quite daunting trying to choose between them. Read on as we share our helpful tips that you can use on your search for a great eyelash extension salon.

What Is Important?

Don’t be swayed by fancy decor and a flash website. This may simply mean they’re expensive, not necessarily the best. If the salon is providing excellent service then they should have many returning clientele.

Not all beauty salons offer eyelash extensions so be sure to check this. Some smaller beauty businesses may only offer eyelash extensions. Don’t be put off if the business is small. Specializing in a particular beauty treatment often means they quickly build up a lot of experience. This is great for you as it means fab lash extensions, often at a fair price.

The location of the salon is another important point that will influence your decision. If it is close to your home or work, then it saves precious time traveling, which is a big plus.

Reviews & Social Proof

One way to learn whether a certain eyelash extension salon has a good record is to check out their online reviews. Google is your first stop, since they are the hardest to fake and are often the most objective.

Don’t be put off by a few negative reviews if there are plenty of positive reviews. Also be sure to check if and how the salon responded to these negative reviews. This can tell you a lot about how professional the business is in it’s dealing with clients.

Next is social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Don’t believe every review you see here as they may be friends, family or a disgruntled competitor but regardless they will help you to form an opinion on the beauty salon in question.

Besides the Internet, another popular way to find a great eyelash extension salon is to ask friends and relatives who have already had eyelash extensions. Nothing beats first hand experience from someone you trust.

If the reviews and the comments look good to you, then it is time for you to contact the business and ask about their training and experience.

Training & Certification

The next very important thing is whether the salon has a certified and experienced lash technician. This means that they have completed specific training to apply eyelash extensions

The main reason why you are going to a lash extension salon is to enhance your look with artificial eyelashes. This type of procedure requires trust and confidence that the salon will deliver that, especially since the work is done around the sensitive eye area.

Knowing that you are in the hands of a great technician makes the entire experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.

When it comes to the lash technician, just like any other beauty service provider, they have to listen to what you want and what you are asking them to do. So, before booking an appointment, it may be best to request a consultation and discuss the entire process of application as well as what you want and expect from them.

An experienced lash technician will be able to guide you through the myriad of choices and recommend a lash set that will enhance your natural lashes and work best with your eye shape.

Lash Application Process

Application time can range from 1 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the lash set and how many individual lashes are being applied. More experienced lash techs will be faster but this isn’t a procedure you want someone to rush.

Make sure you have plenty of time so you can relax and enjoy the experience. It’s quite common for the client to fall asleep during the application process. So common in fact it’s called a “lash nap”.

Now You’re Ready To Make Your Booking

We’ve covered what type of beauty business to look out for, how to check for social proof, why training & experience are so important and how much time you should have available for the lash application.

Armed with this knowledge you can now confidently start your search for a great eyelash extension salon. Be warned though, lash extensions are addictive. They give you a great boost of confidence and save you precious time each morning.

Follow these tips and you will most certainly find a great eyelash extension salon near you.


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