How Cannabis Brands are Using the Fashion Industry to their Advantage

Cannabis and the Fashion Industry

The cannabis industry is an industry that has grown significantly in recent years and is estimated to be worth a whopping $97.35 billion by the year 2026. Cannabis consumption is not just a recreational activity anymore, users are now able to consume cannabis for medical reasons because it has been revealed that cannabis has a massive list of health benefits ranging from inflammation to being an anti-depressant. More than this, there are a variety of different consumption methods, like dry herb vaporizers, bongs, edibles, and even hand pipes made of glass, which can be found at many online sites these days, including Smoke Cartel, Yocan Vaporizer, and more.

The cannabis industry is slowly starting to gain mainstream acceptance now that legalization has spread and as a result, more brands are looking for ways to stand out from their competition. One way they are doing this is through the fashion industry by collaborating with fashion designers and retailers and creating products that are visually appealing and also convey their message. This article will explore the most notable collaborations between cannabis brands and fashion designers as well as discuss the benefits of using the fashion industry as a marking tool.

Partnering with designers and models

The fashion industry is one of the leading industries in the world with massive global influence. In an attempt to gain more influence and global acceptance, many cannabis brands have partnered with designers and models to promote their brands. Cannabis collaborations are seen as trendy because the perception about the substance is shifting into a more positive light. Fashion brands are always looking to jump onto the next big thing so this collaboration comes as no surprise. Cannabis brands and fashion designers have come together to create products such as patterned rolling papers, lighters, and pipes to an entire cannabis-themed fashion line. Fashion trends are starting to lean towards more comfortable and loose-fitting designs and materials which allows fashion designers to use hemp fabric in their designs that are 100% eco-friendly, sustainable, and ecologically sound.

Celebrity endorsements, collaborations with popular influencers and events

Social media is a dominating force in society and businesses and brands alike are all using these platforms to reach their target audiences and market their products and services. Through social media, cannabis brands can reach a wider audience than ever before and this virtual tool allows brands to build a community online amongst people who use cannabis products. The most effective way to do this on social media is to use celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing. For example, Canadian cannabis giant Canopy, partnered with Martha Stewart to advertise their products.

Cannabis brands launching their own clothing lines

Cannabis has developed a bad reputation in the past however, brands are now taking on the role of cannabis activists and making it their mission to restore the image of this misunderstood plant by pushing for cannabis products to be legalized and integrated into mainstream society. One of the main motivations for this is the fact that cannabis and smoking weed is seen as a form of self-expression for some people and overall, the plant is harmless and beneficial for the health and wellness of many. By doing this, brands are an influence and platform to cannabis enthusiasts and shifting the narrative in society that surrounds cannabis. In turn, cannabis consumers feel represented which will motivate them to support these brands.

Cannabis brands marketing themselves as an aspirational product

Clothing is a fundamental human need in society and fashion is something globally loved and embraced by everyone who uses clothes as a form of self-expression. This has allowed clothing to be one of the biggest means of advertising and brands can easily convey a message to the people that they can look good in images and social media posts. Fashion needs to be more sustainable and cannabis is the answer to this. Trends can mold perceptions and spread influence around the world which the fashion industry often does with trends. Trends can now be used to help society embrace cannabis on a mainstream level and the best way to garner that support is to focus on the benefits of cannabis, both for one’s health and for the environment. Cannabis is a revolutionary plant and we need to start celebrating it for the innovations it can bring into society.


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