Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots.

The Clean Beauty Revolution

(Main photo: Carolyn Hakansson)

Say You Wanna Clean Beauty Revolution? Try These 56 Products.

Last month I bought a luxury brand’s new mascara that I’d been dying to try. Two days into the mascara I started to notice my eyes getting red to the point where the situation was pretty ugly and painful.

As I was returning the mascara I asked the sales girl how something like this could happen. She simply said, “You are not the first person this has happened to and you won’t be the last. Look at the ingredients; you’re probably allergic to something in it.” So as I began to look at what went into this product I was putting on my eyes, the only ingredient I could say or recognize was “petroleum.” This led me to wonder, how many toxic ingredients are allowed to be put into beauty products I use every single day?

She simply said, “You are not the first person this has happened to.”

This shock lead me to throw away literally every single product I owned, from eye cream, foundation, to mascara. Then I started to do some research that led me to understand how big of a revolution the beauty industry is starting to push for: the Clean Beauty Revolution.

I threw away literally every product I owned

In a world where everything we do and purchase is so highly regulated, why is it that the last regulation for the beauty industry was passed in 1938? Beauty companies are virtually allowed to use any toxin they want with little to no government oversight. They have the ability to use chemicals that are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, contain lead, and can even lump hundreds of potentially toxic ingredients under the title “fragrance.”

As people start to realize what toxins are lurking around their medicine cabinet, people are demanding clean, non-toxic and transparency in their beauty products. Whether this may be deodorant, eye cream, lipstick, or nail polish, the transition from my cult-favorite beauty products to clean beauty products was different than I would have ever imagined.

I spent the last month trying every single clean beauty product known to man, so I am going to lay out my ultimate favorites for you, so you won’t have to try more than 500 products. The end result? My skin looks and feels healthier, and is more clear and glowing than ever before. My medicine cabinet is full of aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-worthy products with ingredients I can pronounce and actually know are benefiting my skin.

I spent the last month trying every single clean beauty product known to man

1. FUR You, Fur Oil: After you realize why this gorgeously packaged oil is called “fur oil” you realize that this product is perfect whether you wax, shave, or prefer neither. Bonus points for literally 0 ingrown hairs. ($44)
2. Goop, Enriching Face Oil: I like to mix it into my moisturizer for an extra drop, instant glow and softness. ($44)
3. Dr. Jackson, 03 oil: This oil is nourishing for the skin with baobab fruit from Africa for a youthful finish. ($45)
4. Herbivore Botanicals, Lapis Oil– One of the most aesthetically pleasing bottles in my medicine cabinet, & it works wonders on oily skin. ($72)
5. de Mamiel, Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir: Living in NYC, I’m always looking for skincare to combat all the environmental toxins and smog. This magical serum leaves the skin soft, protected, and brighter. ($135)
6. Oilixia, Explorer Blend Facial Oil: Alexandra, the founder traveled of Oilixia, to 50 countries in search of the perfect ingredients for this oil. The result is an extremely absorbent, moisturizing oil with an insane glow. ($75)

7. Ellis Brooklyn, Biblicotheca: The perfect way to mix, match and play with all these fun scents. Made for people with commitment issues. ($20)
8. Ellis Brooklyn, Raven Eau De Parfum: A scent for a woman with power. Seductive peony, with depth and complexity plus its made by a cool mom in Williamsburg. ($100)
9. Aromaflage, Wild: This warm cedarwood, cardamom fragrance made from oils in Southeast Asia also repels insects… glamping anyone? ($65)
10. Pour le Monde, Envision: Exotic and sensual, with a vanilla base. The best part is each fragrance benefits a different charity. Feel good and smell good. ($82)

11-13. Vapour Beauty,*shade*: This moisture lipstick is perfect for winter days because it smoothes dry lips while achieving bold, fun colors. ($25)
14. Rituel de Fille, Inner Glow Creme Pigment: Oh so velvety, both and long lasting. Everything I want in a blush.
15. Nu Evolution, Pressed Blush: This blush is so highly pigmented, and blends easily. Perfect for a dramatic look. ($28)

16. Gressa Skin, Minimalist Illuminating Serum: Gives your face a pearl-like glow that is unlike any other illuminator I have ever used. Hero piece for sure! ($45)
17. Vapour Beauty, Halo Illuminator: Everyone needs a good highlighter, and this one is perfect for when you are out and need a little extra shine. ($36)
18. Ilia, Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer: For days that I am wanting lighter coverage, this is perfect for the oh so trendy no-makeup look. ($42)
19. Ilia, Sway Illuminator: Doubling as a contour stick and eye tint this little product stays in my desk at all times, so when a pop-up meeting shows up on my planner I can quickly grab it and elevate my look. ($34)

20. Zyderma HS, Clarifying Cream: The formula helps support your body’s own healing and prevents bacteria’s ability to colonize on the skin. It showed true results within weeks! ($38)
21. Indie Lee, Blemish Lotion: We all need a little overnight cure for sudden acne and blemishes, this is mine!
22. Herbivore Botanicals, Blue Tansy Mask: This mask cleans what you can’t. It resurfaces impurities, unclogs and softens the skin. ($48)

23. French Girl Organics, Floral Toner – Néroli du Maroc: Who doesn’t enjoy prepping their face with roses? ($32)
24. Herbivore Botanicals, Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner: We all know how great green tea is for our bodies, so imagine just how great it is for your skin. This toner is so refreshing, pure and works really quickly. ($77)

25. Ilia, VOILÀ Lipstick: An amazing, long lasting orangey coral colored lipstick that is creamy and has a beautiful satin finish. ($26)
26. Vapour, Deva Holiday Collection: One part of a great lip duo that gives you high shine with a hint of subtle color that lasts for hours. ($40)
27. Henne Organics, Luxury Lip Tint: A moisture rich lip balm with a soft and sumptuous color. ($21)
28. Kosas, Weightless Lip Color: Sleek packaging is always what gets me hooked, but this formula really delivers. It is ultra creamy and you can layer this over another lip color for tons of dimension. ($28)
29. Henne Organics, Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator: Like rubbing literal rose diamonds on your lips, this is a must have for kissable lips. I use it every morning before I use lipstick for a perfectly primed lip. ($24)
30. French Girl Organics, Rose Lip Polish: Rose and mint infused sugar scrub that exfoliates and even plumps at the same time! ($15)
31. Vapour, Siren Lipstick: This moisture rich lipstick is perfect for winter days because it softens dry lips while delivering strong, bold color. ($25)

32. Goop, Perfecting Eye Cream: Rarely can I find an eye cream that is light enough to layer under makeup during the day and with enough substance to wear at night, but this one does the trick! ($80)
33. True Organic of Sweden, Sea Me Mask: If mermaids would ever use any face mask, this one is sure to be the winner. Blue algae, aloe and peppermint oil all work together to prevent aging, cleanse and smooth wrinkles. ($36)
34. Mun, Aknari Brightening Youth Serum: Prickly Pear and organ oil work together to reduce sun damage, lighten under eye circles and smooth wrinkles. ($95)
35. Maya Chia, Eye Achiever: More like overachiever, natural marine and plant actives give the eyes a smooth, wrinkle free and radiant glow. Plus 10% of the profits go to the Maya people in Central America. ($70)
36. Sahajan, Radiance Face Serum: Besides instantly giving you a luminosity and brightness, this serum gives you long-term results of reducing and preventing fine lines. ($70)

37. Plume, Nourish and Define Brow Pomade and Brush Set: This eyebrow brush is so thin and great for defining the brow. ($38)
38. Juice Beauty, Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara: Plant-derived photo-pigments make this mascara buildable, soft and feathery. ($22)
39. Lily Lolo, Mascara: I now use this voluminous mascara every day for drama and length. I don’t fall in love with mascaras often but this one takes the cake. ($20)
40. Plume, , Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum: The best thing to happen to my lashes since.. well.. ever. ($95)
41. Jillian Dempsey, Lid Tint Bronze: beauty gurus and rookies all love these lid tints. Foolproof made for all skin types, this cherry chapstick like formula is a sure winner. ($28)
42. Plume, Nourish and Define Brow Pomade and Brush Set: Infused with their serum, you fill their brows as they eventually fill themselves. ($38)

43. Indie Lee, Brightening Cleanser: This cleanser doubles as a face mack, and literally smells like a wonderful field of strawberries. ($32)
44. Olio e Osso, Oil Cleanse: Olive oil is nature’s best way to remove makeup. So that’s exactly what this cleanser does, without harming the skin’s natural barriers. ($80)
45. Susanne Kaufmann, Cleansing Milk 250 mL: Cleanses both the skin and soul. The rose hip oil and sage gently but powerfully remove makeup and nourishes the skin. ($100)
46. de Mamiel, Pure Calm Cleansing Dew: Feels like liquid silk that is ridding the skin of free radicals. Aside from how luxurious this cleanser feels, it removes everything under makeup that you don’t ever want lurking on your skin. ($88)

47. True Organics of Sweden, Sea Me Mask: If mermaids use face masks this would be it. Blue algae, aloe, peppermint. All work together to prevent aging, cleansing, and smooth wrinkles. ($37)
48. Graydon,Superfood Mask and Scrub: Just an fyi…this is not a trendy vitamin, but a powdered mask in capsule form. Mix it with water or a cleanser for an amazing mask reducing redness, small bumps and clogged pores. ($39)
49.Herbivore Botanicals, Blue Tansy Mask: This mask cleans what you can’t. It resurfaces impurities, unclogs and softens the skin all at once. ($48)
50. Susanne Kaufmann, Face Gel Matte: The herbal complex from alpine plants is magic for reducing pores and removing excess oil. ($80)

51. Graydon, Matcha Mint Shampoo: There is nothing I love more than matcha. So naturally, give me a matcha mint shampoo that mends split ends and leaves my hair silky soft and I’m all in. ($24)
52. EvolvH,Smart Curl Hydrating Conditioner: Formulated with 20 herbs in a moisture base this hero conditioner gave life to my curls without weighing them down like other harsh formulas. ($34)
53. EvolvH, Wonderbalm Magic for Curls: I hate using products meant for curls because I find my hair always ends up looking stiff and crunchy. This product gives weightless definition and shape to my curls, without the nasty crunch. ($59)
54. EvolvH, SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner: My new go-to leave in conditioner to rid my hair of frizz, add hydration, and a soft bouncy curl. ($29)
55. Captain Blankenship, Mermaid Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo gives you mermaid-like locks even after not washing your hair for a day or two. ($24)
56. Captain Blankenship, Mermaid Hair Oil: Bye bye frizzy dry ends. The organic argan and kukui nut oil gives luster and even smells like rosemary and lemongrass. ($34)

Whether prepping for a party, a day at work, or New York Fashion Week, next time you crave new beauty products do yourself a favor, and pick up one of these sensational products.

Once you switch, you’ll be hooked.


With love,


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