FWO x Mikeysline x Flying Solo Competition Winners!

Our Winners and Finalists!

The winners and finalists for our FWO x Mikeysline x Flying Solo Competition have been chosen! Out of many amazing submissions, we picked 2 Grand Prize winners to walk the NYFW runway at Flying Solo’s show on September 13, 2020, and several impressive designers as finalists.

About the Competition

In advance of World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 (this September 10, 2020), FWO partnered with Mikeysline in Inverness and Flying Solo in NYC to raise awareness about the topic of chronic loneliness, depression, and the importance of getting help.

The competition was open to designers worldwide, with our focus this season being the Scottish Highlands. In 2019, suicides increased a shocking 15% in Scotland, with a disproportionate amount in the Highlands area.

Last Season’s Flying Solo x NYFW Show

Our finalists were selected for excellence of design and messaging:

Anita Lara (Guatemala)
BING (China)
Cecilia Lizarraga (USA)
Elina Perkone (Latvia)
Emily Ann (Canada)
Felicis Lim Li San (Singapore)
Jinda Bacho (Germany)
JIWA by Shanen Prasetyo (Indonesia / Singapore)
Karoline Beigley Dundee (Scotland)
Krishma Sabbarwal (England)
Landa Style by Malanda Okon (USA)
Miriam Thompson (USA)
Molly Quinn (USA)
Okorie Lora (Nigeria)
Roberta do Espírito Santo Martins (Brazil)
Struck by Cupid by Ashley Morgan Capp (USA)

Each finalist will be interviewed here on FWO. Stay tuned!

And now for our two grand-prize winners …

Chloe Innes (Scotland)

CITY OF ORIGIN: Inverness, Highlands
INSTAGRAM: @chloelindainnes

Chloe Linda Innes is a sustainable womenswear designer based in the Highlands of Scotland who graduated in 2020 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Fashion from the School of Textiles and Design at Heriot Watt University. With a focus on hand craftsmanship and traditional techniques, such as eco-printing, Innes is forever inspired by nature and her surroundings. Completing her graduate collection in the midst of a pandemic Chloe has now featured in SHOWStudio and Harper’s Bazaar and is excited to see where the next chapter takes her.

“The clothes we wear are a statement of who we are as individuals. When we are trying to enforce a positive image about ourselves, our look should reflect who we want to be.

“Organisations such as Mikeysline are integral for the future of the Highlands. We are living in a time where, now more than ever, it is important to have a positive support system around us. Percentages of loneliness are rising alarmingly quickly in Scotland, with 43% of 18-24-year olds reporting feelings of loneliness during lockdown.

Organisations such as Mikeysline are integral for the future of the Highlands

“The Highlands is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the world; however, there is a disproportionate amount of suicides. This collection aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and highlight the importance of getting help.

now more than ever, it is important to have a positive support system

“My collection takes inspiration from my personal experience in lockdown. From the emotions I felt and how I dealt with them. In April I completed my 4 year-long degree alone in my childhood bedroom. It was not the ending I had always dreamed of; however, it was the ending I had. It left me with many anxious feelings about the future.

It was not the ending I had always dreamed of

“Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, I found that surrounding myself with nature was helpful. Lockdown and isolation gave me that time to reflect and appreciate what I had around me. A place where I felt calmer and more hopeful was when walking through the Ness Islands, right in the centre of Inverness, where you are immersed in centuries old Scots pine, wee waterfalls and calming rivers. The walk also features a number of posters with Mikeysline’s contact information — a gentle reminder that help is available in Inverness.

Mikeysline is a gentle reminder that help is available in Inverness

“Patchworks of hexagonal shapes represent the importance of Mikeysline’s Hive project. The Hive Project is the Highland’s first out-of-hours mental health crisis centre. The differing prints and shades of green harmonise together. Green tones represent nature and tranquility and is thought to relieve stress and help to heal.

Patchworks of hexagonal shapes represent the importance of Mikeysline’s Hive

“Green is a colour that symbolizes a new beginning. A fresh green plant emerging from the soil. Pleated silhouettes pay homage to Scottish Heritage dress yet have been modernised for a contemporary look. Sheer fabrics and tight-fitting shapes resemble the idea of being comfortable in your own skin.

“Sense of pride in the Highlands is so strong that sometimes it can be difficult for people to admit they are struggling or even realise that there is help readily out there. I hope that this collection can bring about a positive change in raising awareness of the services available and bring hope and happiness to people through fashion.”

Dor Fellous (Israel)

(Photos: Julie Gouze)

CITY OF ORIGIN: Tel Aviv, Israel
INSTAGRAM: @dorfellous

Dor Fellous is a Tel Aviv born-and-raised designer working to translate emotions and self expression in a visual and therapeutic way.

Inspirations came from the military and two wars, with two designs based on school-bus accident when he was nine where he lost three of his best friends.

Inspirations came from the military, two wars, and a terrible accident

His two submitted collections are “Asphalt,” based on the school-bus accident, and “Scars,” based on the scars left from the trauma.

“Asphalt” is based on school-bus accident where he lost 3 of his best friends

This garments are the way to “touch” these issue and use the scars aesthetically.

He says he specializes in “use of unconventional and experimental materials to create a translated language that gives an opportunity to touch painful, hidden places. … The internal self care in CPTSD (complicated PTSD) is a long process. As people, we need to use images to tell our story; the visual use of clothes gives that … to grow from the dark places and create something beautiful that touches these places.”

From Mikeysline and The Hive

Mikeysline was founded in late 2015 after a number of suicides in the Highland area. Since then, a lot has happened. We have been supporting those in need ever since.

We run two services, a text line, as well as the Hive in Inverness City Centre. People struggle on a daily basis with a multitude of mental health difficulties, yet only a fraction of people are actually talking about it.

Sadly, there is a huge stigma attached to having poor mental health, this needs to change. There would be no shame in going to see a professional if someone was suffering from an infection of the lung, liver etc. – so why is there shame in seeing someone about an infection of the mind? This is what we are trying to do, open the conversation on mental health in an engaging manner. The more we talk about it, the more normal it becomes – thus battling stigma head on.

The clothes we wear are a statement of who we are as individuals. When we are trying to enforce a positive image about ourselves, our look should reflect who we want to be.

The clothes we wear are a statement of who we are as individuals

A Special Note – Please Help

Mikeysline’s life-saving services have been severely impacted by the COVID crisis, and they are in need of your help. We encourage you to give to keep them — and their valuable lifeline — afloat by giving here.


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