Flying Solo Hosted Incredible Runway in the Snow for NYFW

Flying Solo Hosted Incredible Runway in the Snow for NYFW

Flying Solo hosted its winter show this past weekend with 87 designers from 20 countries showcasing over 400 looks, constituting the largest number of designers in a single event of the 2022 NYFW winter season.

Once again, this year’s show was hosted on a Soho rooftop with the jaw-dropping Manhattan skyline as its background with delicate snowflakes cascading from the sky.

Flying Solo

The looks ranged from contemporary to avant garde to athleisure and more in a parade of colors, textures and fashion fare. Each season, Flying Solo showcases new talented independent designers from across the globe and this season being the largest showcase to date.

Collections and pieces were shown by brands: _NDC, a quick buck, AERT, AKS MATHUR, Alberto Miceli, Alexander Durbin, All’s, Amará L’mour, AMOR CLOTHING, ANICIC, APUA Luxury Bags, Arctic Luxe, Art Point, BISOULOVELY, Bye Bambi, Come On, Coolrated Miami (Bossa Concept), Daniela Uribe, DENDY, Devenity London, EARS OF BUDDHA, EJE INTL DESIGNS, Elena Rudenko, Freakbutik, Full Regalia, Funknsoul97, Gabriel, Gaialeon, Georgina Jewelry, Ghettodiva, HauteLife World, House of Byfield, Hukka Design, Jamemme, JILL.HERLANDS, Kajal New York, Kat and Clarese, Kate Razz Brand, Lilac Pulsar, Peachplie, LNB Jewellery, LUCKYNELLY, M&M royalty, MadGirlifestyle, Maggie Miller, McIntyre, Metri Holliday, Miss Hollywood, MOLLY, Monet’bymorjai, Nassa’s, NMB New York, Paisley & Heart, PANICULATA by Gabriela Rose, PAOLA MOLET, PAULINA’S FRIENDS, Petit Carmelino, Prevail Clothing, Raas international clothing, Randy Cow, Riina Mettas Jewelry, Rosa Isela, Ruth Esther, SABA, Silk Epoque by Olga Ziemann, SKCreations LLC, Sol AngelAnn, solomeina, SR STEPHANIE RENS, Tabitha Andelin, THAT GORILLA BRAND, the little things NYC, Thykskynn, TON’s, U L I V I, Va’Ceia Designs, Vanity’s Gift, Vitruvius (M Pollio Education Group Inc), Volta Atelier, Wonderland Childrenswear, Wood Belt, Zars London, ZAVW, ZHUO, and Zina Untu.

AKS MATHUR, USA @aksmathurofficial

‘Aks Mathur’ brand has emerged from the desire to express ideas through useful designs. I choose to punch and paint on pieces of leather to communicate my thoughts rather than oh-so-common words. The result is a collection of premium designer hand crafted leather goods that exude brilliant uniqueness. Each product is a fruit of intense thought process followed by laborious hours spent in workshop with an intention of expressing my love for art through useful creations. The promise that I make is that every product is an art-piece that has been carefully handcrafted right through cutting, stitching and painting. The intricate details in each product will remind you of my focus on usability and powerful designs of my passion for beauty to deliver exclusive high quality leather products.

APUA Luxury Bags, Italy @apua_luxurybags

Each Apua creation is the result of constant stylistic research to always obtain a unique combination. All the details are designed to enhance the entire design, through a unique path. The uniqueness of our creations lies in that of the marbles, carefully chosen for each individual product: colors, shades, surface textures blend perfectly with leathers and metals. Elegance is lightness, not only aesthetic but also physical: the marbles are handcrafted in order to obtain a low weight while maintaining the right resistance. All this is possible thanks to the craftsmanship of the workers; Apua reinterprets the use of marble, a heavy, tenacious material, sometimes hostile like its history, but always loved and protagonist of the Italian spirit in the world.

BISOULOVELY, UK @bisoulovely

Founded in 2019 by designer, Bree, BISOULOVELY is a Canadian jewelry brand that designs ethereal jewelry for the modern starchild. Inspired by all things magical, whimsical, and celestial, every piece is carefully crafted with high quality materials at various price points. From plated sterling silver jewelry, to solid gold pieces, there’s sure to be a BISOULOVELY piece that fits your budget. Within a year of the brand launch, BISOULOVELY has been seen in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Daniela Uribe, USA @danielauribeofficial

Our Italian made footwear is designed for anyone ready to rock lavish, prominent shoes that re-establish the paradigms of absolute beauty and com fort. We believe that beauty comes in all shapes and of course, sizes. For us offering ex tended sizing up to size 45 was not enough, instead we set out to create lasts that are designed and measured specifically to accommodate gender inclusive feet and sizing for everyone to wear and experience what true luxury feels like. Inclusivity, comfort and enchantment is not only our goal and our mission. The mission does not stop at making striking shoes in larger sizing, we also partner with Stonewall Community Foundation, together we host a monthly Instagram live where we discussed all topics around inclu sivity and to whom we donate for every pair of shoes sold. We are serious about mak ing powerful strides towards a more inclusive world and confident you. The secret to our comfortably designed footwear is the cushioned insole with added arch support and extra metatarsal padding to provide true, real comfort. This comes without ever sacrificing the striking and refined look of each pair of shoes we design. Daniela Uribe has studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion Cordwainers Footwear design school and has trained with some of the biggest names in footwear like Jimmy Choo, Diane von Furstenberg, Paul Andrew among others in London and New York. She has harnessed her expertise, training and creativity to engineer a rev olutionary footwear brand that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Toss aside your old, uncomfortable shoes and slip into some refined Italian made shoes. Daniela Welcomes EVERYONE.

Gaialeon, Switzerland @gaialeon

GAIA LEON Switzerland offers handmade, plant-based accessories made of cactus leather, the most sustainable vegan leather alternative. The brand is on a mission of merging fashion into digital assets that can be seen in crypto wallets, the Metaverse and digital art shows. Being one of the early birds in digital fashion and NFTs they aspire to revolutionize the way fashion holds value. It was very important for the two Swiss founders to not only use sustainable materials, but also keep the manufacturing process as local and sustainable as possible. From the sourcing of the raw material to the finished products, the whole manufacturing process takes place in Mexico. Handcrafted by a family-run manufacturing company, the accessories combine elegance and sustainability like no other. Visit and follow on Instagram @gaialeon to not miss the release of their NFT collection.

Georgina Jewelry, USA @georginajewelryofficial

Georgina Jewelry is an independent jewelry line created by Kansas City-based designer, Georgina Herrera. Georgina was born in Mexico and moved to the United States with her family. She founded Georgina Jewelry in 2010. Georgina says “the connection between love, art, and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are.” Her designs are a fusion of fashion trends with her culture and tradition. This gives Georgina a unique and authentic brand with a fresh, modern, yet classic design that truly reflects her passions.

Georgina believes in empowering women to be their most confident selves with her line. She is inspired by the character, strength, and determination of the modern woman. Each piece in the collection is designed to create a unique statement whether it be in the office or at a gala. There is a piece for every woman and every occasion. Georgina Jewelry has been featured on the runways at Miami Swim Week and at Paris and New York Fashion Week. Her pieces are stunning, breathtaking and memorable — wearable works of art that will have every one watching the woman wearing it.

HauteLife World, USA @hautelifeworld


JILL.HERLANDS, USA @jill.herlands

Jill Herlands came to metalwork later in life and by accident. She left a career as an agent in the music industry for marriage and to raise a daughter. After her daughter left for college, Herlands found herself in search of a hobby. She decided to teach herself to solder metal with the goal of being able to use the technique to further her search for a creative outlet. She picked up a handheld torch and some scrap metal and watched as the flame morphed the metal; Herlands was mesmerized by the power of the flame. As a self-taught jewelry artist, Herlands has the freedom to make her own rules, and she does so with abandon. She uses hand-fabrication to coax precious metals into abstract objects of adornment, and is known to incorporate found objects, concrete, plastics, and rough gemstones into her designs. Herlands possesses a balance and familiarity with what some might consider risk-taking; she trusts her instincts, innovation and experimentation to inform her process. Herlands’ award-winning work is featured in fashion magazines including recent editions of Bazaar, Paper and Nylon. Her designs are carried in galleries and boutiques worldwide. Jill Herlands currently lives and works in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City and is still mesmerized by the power of the flame.

Kat and Clarese, USA @katandclarese

In 2019 I travelled to Havana Cuba with my husband, Photographer, James McArthur Cole. For the photoshoot with Cuban Ballerina and model, Patricia Vega Gonzalez, he had picked a talented team of creatives from Cuba including a lighting guru, creative director, MUA and others. He asked if I would style for the photoshoot and I obliged. I toyed with how I wanted to style her. Finally, I settled in on a full tulle skirt and a dramatic floral headpiece to bring the drama. This would be the genesis of Kat and Clarese – a contemporary accessories line of floral hairpieces, chokers, large brooches, recycled and re-imagined vintage purses with vintage florals. All for the woman who loves the unexpected. As Founder and Designer of the brand I design each accessory as a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Most pieces are handmade and embellished with flowers, Swarovski crystals, velvet, lace, silk, tulle, French veiling, and other luscious adornments. Kat and Clarese pieces celebrate individuality, glamour and femininity. I see each accessory as a piece of wearable art.

Lilac Pulsar, USA @lilacpulsar @peachplie

Time Ring – Opens Space Time Dimensional Portals

LNB Jewellery, Russia @lnb.jewellery

LNB JEWELLERY is a new name among luxury jewelry brands. The founder of the brand, designer Natalia Bobrova, has created premium jewelry using precious metals and stones, which are designed to distinguish their owners from others. All products are made by hand: craftsmen work out color transitions in detail and create truly unique jewelry.

LUCKYNELLY, Germany @luckynelly_berlin

Unique vegan and sustainable luxury fashion designer handbags and more – since 2012. LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN, the genuine fashion designer label for vegan and ethical luxury handbags and accessories, that combines high end luxury with sustainability, greatest empathy to show how extraordinarily beautiful vegan and ecological products can be. Represented by PETA and part as Designer brand of Berlin Fashion Week, LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN redefines luxury and is a pioneer in vegan and sustainable fashion.

LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN is 100% {PETA APPROVED VEGAN} and does not compose vegan products with genuine leather. With unique designs and the most innovative sustainable materials LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN has established itself internationally at the fashion market since 2012. “”With LUCKYNELLY you own a unique piece of art with a sense of delight.

MadGirlifestyle, USA @madgirlifestyle

Tammy Bisco’s debut collection “The Duende” in an assemblage of some curated, many hand-forged one-of-a-kind raw, crystal, and gem pieces set in materials such as sterling silver, 18k gold-wash, bronze, glass and acrylic. This collection is a force, not a labor; a struggle, not a thought. These pieces walk to the edge. The Duende is a word that escapes definition, that connects to the soul of the creation of art. From a trickster character in Spanish folklore to a driving force in making. The Duende is both hard and soft, existing in the liminal space. Magic. This is where I live and create. Tammy Bisco is a New York City and Asbury Park, NJ Designer, Dreamer, Curator, Poet, Master intuitive, and Principal of the MadGirl Brand. Tammy intuitively designs each piece using ethically sourced raw crystals and gems, metals, acrylic and glass. Tammy is realizing her dream of Intuitive Living and Everyday Magic and is excited to share it with the world.

Metri Holliday, USA @metriholliday

Metri Holliday is a Washington DC, USA based designer. After spending 17 years in the corporate world, she decided to reinvent herself and follow her passion. All of her mulberry silk scarves are custom designed and made in the USA. Scarves are hand rolled and printed in Italy.

MOLLY, Canada @brandedbymolly

Molly was established in 2018 by an energetically motivated footwear lover and enthusiast. As an esteemed brand that prioritizes tiers of luxury, Molly places the needs of its clients at its topmost level by providing high quality innovative and eccentric footwear. The award-winning brand constructs novel designs by merging binary ideas that produce beauty and functionalism, and aims to break style barriers by providing an authentic, yet playful take on conventional footwear silhouettes.

Riina Mettas Jewelry, USA @riinamettasjewelry

Originally from Estonia, Riina came to the US over 18 years ago, working for the Estonian Government at embassies in New York and Washington, DC. Along the way she discovered jewelry making and realized that it was the artistic and creative business she always dreamed of establishing for herself. She grew up influenced by modern, innovative, and simple Nordic designs, and their simple aesthetics influences everything she creates today. Inspired by New York City’s towering skyscrapers, Riina Mettas Jewelry features stylish envy-inspiring pieces that are noticed and coveted. Each piece can be dressed up or down, allowing the simple pleasure of wearing something loved all day long. One of the key elements to the Riina Mettas Style is the ability to change on the go. She was inspired to create Change-ABLE™ solutions for her necklaces to make it easy to transition from day to night and from one outfit to another.

Rosa Isela, Mexico @rosaiselacouture

Mexican designer from San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco and resident of San Antonio, TX since 2008, Rosa Isela is an artist and milliner who is keeping an old tradition alive. Her designs are full of whimsical beauty, desirable edge, and fascinating wonder. Every piece comes from Rosa’s vivid imagination and are made entirely by hand using an ancient European technique. This artisanal way makes every piece in her luxury headwear brand exclusive.

solomeina, USA @solomeinajewelry

Sisters Elizabeth and Ekaterina Solomeina are 2nd generation authentic jewelry designers. Under their jewelry designer mother Irina’s tutelage they grew up in Russia surrounded by design and artisan craftsmanship. At the age of 6, both Ekaterina and Elizabeth were accepted into ‘Yekaterinburg’s School for Prodigies’. Elizabeth went on to win multiple awards for her sculpting, most notably, The National Moscow Exhibition award. Elizabeth and Ekaterina, known locally due to their many awards, began freelance design work by the ages of 14 and 12. Their talents that were noticed through digital arts, led to Elizabeth being recruited to work in the prestigious and world-famous Art Lebedev Studio at the age of 17. Their career choices taking them to New York and London, in 2009, the Solomeina sisters founded their own design company Solomeina Inc. Finding success relatively quickly, The sisters won an D&AD award for design, co-authored “London Design” and can be seen in TED talks. With their talents and experience in design and sculpting, in early 2014, the sisters launched their jewelry brand SOLOMEINA. Wanting to bring to the world their edgy constructivist inspired design vision; their jewellery captures their inner ideals of beauty and edge.

the little things NYC, USA @thelittlethings_nyc

the little things NYC are unique pieces of jewelry designed to celebrate the little moments, unique personality, and the power of little actions. Designs are inspired by geometric shapes and real-life patterns and are sustainably handcrafted in NYC.

Volta Atelier, Brazil @voltaatelier

VOLTA ATELIER creates 100% hand-stitched upcycled leather handbags. They carefully select discarded leather from accessory factories and their skilled artisans hand-stitch their one-of-a-kind products in Brazil. VOLTA ATELIER’s mission is to encourage a circular economy, breathing life back into lost cultural heritages, and growing communities from the ground up.

Wood Belt, Slovenia @woodbelteu

Wood Belt. Feel good. Look good. Do good. A Wood Belt is a belt with a wooden buckle. It is patented, innovative, and sustainable, based on the Impact Fashion principles. Buckles are made of wooden cutoffs and combined with sustainable leather, cork, hemp, cotton, NUO textile, and other materials. Belts are metal allergies and airport friendly. Wood Belt is a not-for-profit brand and includes underserved groups.

Zars London, UK @zarslondon

ZARS LONDON is a UK-based brand that is all about thinking outside of the box. This led to them redesigning the necktie, creating shaped neckties to enhance the look and give a bold finish to the outfit. Each tie is handmade, so no two will be exactly the same. Cutting the components to final product takes around two hours per piece. ZARS LONDON is revolutionizing the way people accessorize by creating cutting-edge accessories.


ZHUO is a New York fashion brand for sustainable clothing and fashion accessories. It collaborates with people from a range of industries. The name ZHUO is a Chinese character with multiple layered meanings: polish, refine, and think. The name signifies the opposite of fast fashion. Sustainable design is something ZHUO will always pursue. Zhuolin Liu, the New York–based, Chinese-born designer and founder of ZHUO, knows sustainable fashion is more than just addressing fashion textiles or products: it’s about reimagining every step in the industrial chain. Her inspirations and designs always reflect her desire and vision for a better future..

About Flying Solo

Flying Solo is the largest independent designers platform in the US, uniting over 300 designers from all over the world and boasting an innovative retail model.

While the industry struggled with the pandemic and with the steadily declining number of retail stores, Flying Solo managed to persevere with both Paris and New York in-person shows. As a testament to the success of the unique model, in November 2021 a new Flying Solo accessory boutique opened in the heart of SoHo at 417 West Broadway, and another flagship retail store is about to open its doors in Paris.


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