Fashion Hong Kong at CENTRESTAGE2020: Space Odyssey

Fashion Hong Kong at CENTRESTAGE2020: Space Odyssey

Entering its’ fifth year, HKTDC (Hong Kong Development Council) is releasing its’ first ever virtual runway show with the theme “A World of PHYGITAL”. In view of the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, CENTRESTAGE has set out to redefine the way fashion shows are presented by combining physical and digital elements.

As the opening show, Fashion Hong Kong is premiered at 3:00 pm on 17th September 2020 (Hong Kong Time), featuring eight homegrown design talents that have all taken part in past New York or London Fashion Weeks including Mountain Yam (brand: 112 mountainyam), Angus Tsui (brand: ANGUS TSUI), Bettie Jiang (brand: Bettie Haute Couture), design duo Jessica Lau and Walter Kong (brand: BLIND by JW), Doris Kath Chan (brand: DorisKath), Glori Tsui (brand: METHODOLOGY), Sun Lam (brand: SUN=SEN) and Yeung Chin (brand: YEUNG CHIN) . This opening show is themed “Space Odyssey”, with visuals inspired by the outer space and each set of designer collections are presented on different virtual planets, luring the audiences into the designers’ world of creativity and aspirations.

112 mountainyam (latest collection: BOW TO NO ONE)

Ready-to-wear label 112 mountainyam is grounded in a bold philosophy: discover who you are; express who you are. The collection by designer Mountain Yam was inspired by the movie, Mary Queen of Scots, in which Queen Mary shows her perseverance, bravery, and strong attitude of daring to fight, and swears not to bow to fate. Mountain decided to use “BOW TO NO ONE” as the theme, encouraging wearers to live bravely and not giving up on their passions but pursuing their dreams and moving forward like a soldier without bowing to anyone. #112bowtonoone collection brings the wearers to the Scottish highlands, flying like a free bird, listening to the call of nature, and agitating the great ambitions hidden in our heart!

ANGUS TSUI (latest collection: •••• – – – – – • (Meaning “HOME”in Morse code)

Riding the boundaries of fashion and futurism, ANGUS TSUI designs are born from advocacy, creativity and imagination. The collection tells a story set in the year 2120. Planet Earth is facing mass destruction and extinction events due to severe environmental pollution, a shortage of resources and over-population. A planet capable of supporting terrestrial life, Origin-7, has been found and become a new destination for human colonisation.
Arriving on Origin-7, the colonists discover they are not the only refugees in the galaxy. Inter-species conflicts arise, echoing the ethnic and racial conflicts of Earth’s past. At first, many resorts to violence to deal with differences, before realising this will only bring them closer to mutual annihilation. Instead, they agree to evolve together and create a true home for all species. They send out a message in Morse code: ‘•••• – – – – – •’ (‘home’), to welcome refugees from other space.

Bettie Haute Couture (latest collection: AWAKEN)

Bettie Haute Couture, founded by the designer Bettie Jiang, is an eponymous fashion label that crafts forward-thinking fashion narratives by juxtaposing traditional craftsmanship with an evocative expression of refined detailing. AWAKEN is Bettie’s first women’s collection. The design concept is inspired by simple geometry, with square represents principle, and circle manifests the wisdom of life. The collection highlights the unique inner personalities of women being both tender and tough, through the special cutting and the fabric choice of stripes and Scottish tartans, awakening the awareness of classical and traditional beauty and metaphorising the like of square and circle. The choice of fabrics also inspired by Bettie’s experiences in the UK. The designer envisions empowering women to be independent, freely express themselves and not to shy away from their distinct personalities.

BLIND by JW (latest collection: DisCARVERY)

BLIND by JW was founded in 2012 by the designer duo Jessica Lau and Walter Kong. The brand narrates stories of femininity, beauty and elegance through its signature hand-drawn prints and exquisite designs. Inspired by one’s of Heath Robinson’s works, ‘An Ideal Home’ from ‘The Sketch’ in 1933 where people can still have fun at home and enjoy life during quarantine, this season collection Blind by JW has carried DiSCARVERY concept further with the world of surrealism in conjunction with extension reading of the pleasures in cooking through QR Code.
Contaminated living pushes us through a world of complete stillness, weightless daydream in a world of citrus fruits and avocado floating in a misty kitchen, eagering to escape and to discover the world of different season of beauty in life. Creating simple and effortless shapes, combining different textures with the prints of surrealism art splashed on the collection.

DorisKath (latest collection: Continuation)

With the intention of capturing all different facets of femininity, DorisKath features unique and exquisite designs ranging from tailor-made evening dresses, wedding gowns to casual wear.

Collection Details:

The life of flower is short but glamorous! Though it, you can help nurture the birth of a new life! Rooted on one side, but can spread everywhere. Flowers are bright and dazzling. With their beauty, they continue another life by attracting nectar collectors and spreading pollen. Just like fashion, you need to interact with the outside world to extend the idea of beauty. Although a flower will wither eventually, the beauty can be passed on forever from generation to generation.

METHODOLOGY (latest collection: Those Treasured Times)

A ready-to-wear label founded by the designer Glori Tsui. Glori uses upcycled leather as the core of her recent accessories collection and adopts multi-functional designs to encourage customers to blend their creativity and fashion sense.

Collection Details:

Methodology’s SS21 collection will be a capsule collection that is rather personal.

I’ve recently come across an old family photo that is taken back in the 1980s. I immediately fell in love with everything in the photo – the fashion style of my mum and her friends, the colours in the picture, the friendship and intimacy, the greens behind, the smiles on their faces, those friendship moments, as well as the two random people at the back. I appreciate every detail that was captured in this picture, especially those refreshing air where mask is not needed. So carefree and spontaneous.

It came to my understanding that I am about the same as mom and her friends in the picture. I am experiencing the similar stage in life. What will it be like if I create this lovely scene with a contemporary perspective in fashion and styling? I am so curious to find out what the outcome will be.

Time’s changed. Memories stand still. The SS21 collection of METHODOLOGY is to capture these treasured moments of adulthood.

SUN=SEN (latest collection: The Sun Shines Through Her)

SUN=SEN is more than just visually pleasing; it is a brand that tells stories. Striving to spread hope and positivity, SUN=SEN values cool aesthetics and fun designs. SUN=SEN’s collection for Spring/ Summer 2021 hopes to heal people’s heart with colours.

“The sunlight at four o’clock in the afternoon, shining on the purplish lavender field, it is probably one of the most warm-hearted moments.

“The sun shines like a mother, embracing us with warm and gentle colours, with romance, and mixed with some youthful fantasy.

“The sun shines through the girl, whom heavy tiredness is waved away when she is laying on the sunflower. The girl turns her face to the sun, she is strong, bold and true to herself.

“When you turn your face to the fun, the shadow will disappear and fade away.”

YEUNG CHIN (latest collection: Blue Virus)

Yeung Chin established his namesake brand in 2013, striving to challenge traditional aesthetic standard in the fashion industry with new concepts and art forms, including performance, film and sculpture. Inspired by the process of indigo dye and cyanotype, where colours spread over fabrics like virus Yeung Chin’s Spring/ Summer 2021 collection – Blue Virus, sparks people to contemplate the colours that they love during the process. Our brand’s signature asymmetrical cut and deconstruction of traditional craftmanship’s details, including the dyeing of stitching threads and interesting cyanotype prints on clothing, will be the key feature of the collection. The colour of melancholy will be interpreted with the use of a combination of avant-garde black, indigo, and the beige on the mock fabric throughout the collection.


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