Faith Connexion Fall 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Faith Connexion Paris Fashion Week FW18

This season’s byword is clear: recycle / re-use. And by literally recycling this universal theme, the Faith Connexion collective undertakes a witty exploration of dress codes with a sharp sense of parody. The brand’s iconic pieces are thus reinterpreted through this new lens.

The message runs through the collection like a common thread, in the form of a red tuxedo stripe with black lettering. The band looks equally at home on an elegant flare trouser, on a blue jogger, and of course the brand’s indispensable wide-leg sequined trouser. It reprints itself on the fantastic modular linings of military parkas and work wear pieces. In printed fake fur or gold sequins, the linings are reversible, offering a view of quilted interiors printed with the message “reusable,” and a space for the owner’s name. Versatility is the key, with each part detaching from the whole, allowing each wearer to compose his own garment at will.

Faith Connexion: Paris FW18

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The brand’s iconic 90’s style blazer reinvents itself as a chic jumpsuit, or turns playfully into a mini dress with a plunging back. The classic sheepskin with its oversize cut finds itself adorned with prints and shares the spotlight with red moiré micro bombers. A fantastic cape made of Swiss military tent fabric keeps its classic proportions but exudes a rocker vibe thanks to a crazy tri-color fur lining. An impeccable reversible wool coats offers a mix and match of noble materials. Spectacular ultra-oversize down jackets come fur-lined with sequined exteriors, or in Scottish classic tweed with red fur and black vinyl trim. An elegant blouse with a large lavaliere collar is reinterpreted in a sublime, shimmering technical fabric to amazing effect.

The creative tribe continues to grow, with the brand’s characteristic collaborations multiplying again this season.

Inspired by the iconic mouse, the collective has teamed up with Disney to celebrate Mickey, who will celebrate his 90th birthday this coming November, with a teaser collection of nine pieces.

Sita Abellan returns for a third capsule, with her inimitable punk spirit shining through in a black vinyl raincoat and silver jumpsuit. The Naples-based team NTMB returns as well to continue their work around denim.

Newcomer Dionysios, a visual and conceptual artist of Greek origin, constructs a story around the artist painter’s wardrobe, imagining clothes that bear witness to the creative process as well as being works of art in and of themselves. From the surrealist parka to the paint-stained jeans and the theater inspired red suede “troupe” jacket marked with gold splashes, all the pieces have a history and are part of a numbered series. And in a whimsical twist, the phone number inscribed on the denim jacket with a label promising “call for a good time” will actually be reachable!

Raw and spontaneous, the Winter 2018 collection once again celebrates the uniqueness of the individual and gives every person the opportunity to take ownership of pieces whose stories will continue to evolve with wear.


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