Eytys SS23 ‘Love and Poison’ Denim Campaign

They met at the Walmart parking lot down in Southeast. Olivia was a bit late. While waiting, Miles and Mary were making small-talk and picking up snacks for the ride: frosted cherry flavored Pop- tarts and a bag of Doritos. They didn’t know if Olivia was a sweet or salty person, they’d never met each other before. Sweet, it turned out when she walked up to the car with a nervous smile. She was wearing washed out, baggy blue jeans and a ribbed tank, fading from white to blue.

Miles could see her nipples through the slightly see-through top. Mary noticed Miles checking Olivia out and couldn’t help getting a bit jealous, she’d felt they had just connected over their love for wacky Dorito flavors. He was hot in his effortless look – baggy jeans, slim white leather sneakers and a white t-shirt with a print saying “Eurotrash” on the chest. Had he even been to Europe?


Photos: Alyssa Kazew

They had been scouted for a shoot in a villa outside Austin and had been instructed to make the drive to the location themselves and await the crew who had gotten stuck on a delayed flight. The girls sat together in the back of the car, watching the desert landscape rapidly pass by. Olivia handed Mary one of her Airpods, it was playing BTSTU by Jai Paul. It was both cringe and cute at the same time. Mary took off her black leather platform loafers and put her head in Mary’s lap, like they’d been friends forever. She liked it and she liked the smell of Olivia’s hair – coconut and musk, both feminine and masculine.

“Truth or dare?”, Miles suggested, half as a joke but they all seemed to enjoy the rise in temperature in the car. The tension was thrilling, three strangers on their way to an unknown house in the middle of nowhere. Miles to Mary: “Favorite drink?”. “Piña colada”, she said and locked eyes with Olivia, who blushed. “Dare”, Olivia said. “Change top with Mary”, Miles urged. He could see the girls in the rearview mirror. Mary had a cute lace bra under her minty tight cropped t-shirt. The girls were giggling as they understood that Miles quietly examined them from the driver’s seat.

They finally made it to the house in the middle of nowhere in the Texan desert. A modernist steel and concrete construction with floor-to-ceiling windows sparsely furnished with mid-century seating and a bed. There, in the nothingness of Texas, they felt as if they were alone in the world. Mary suggested they play dress-up while waiting for the crew. She selected a pair of black coated jeans for Olivia and gray vintage washed baggy jeans for herself. “You watch us change!”, they said to Miles, who’d sat down in a chair. Making himself comfortable on the couch, he looked at the girls slowly undressing each other on the concrete floor in front of him. A buzzing phone in Mary’s pocket paused the performance. It was the producer texting that their flight had been canceled and they wouldn’t arrive until the next morning. Mary read the text out loud. Would the three of them mind staying the night at the house?


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