Endless Love: Sparkling Eternity Rings Continue to Grow in Popularity

At various times, our relationships are accompanied by different types of jewelry, whether they are gifts for particular occasions or pieces that also say something about our present and future. The most common piece of jewelry associated with a relationship is a ring – it starts with the less well-known promise ring, continues with an engagement ring, then a wedding ring, and then after these comes the eternity ring. And it is the last one of these that’s gaining more and more attention which is why we’ll take a closer look at it in this article.

The deep significance of eternity rings

Infinity – with rings, it is usually symbolized by the shape of an endless circle and given their name, this is doubly true of eternity rings. Traditionally, these rings which are set with diamonds all the way around the band were designed for married women who were given the rings at important moments in their marriage, such as on a significant anniversary or for the birth of a child.

Today, this is no longer the case and you can buy eternity rings at any time, but we still consider them a symbol of eternal love in any form. The symbolism of an endless circle then also connects with the symbolism of diamonds which is purity, strength and durability. And these are qualities that most of us usually strive for in long-term relationships.

What types of eternity rings are there?

There are two basic kinds of eternity rings and the difference between them is that one has gemstones set all the way around the ring and the other style of ring (called “half eternity”) has stones set only around half of the ring. Although eternity rings most often sparkle with diamonds in a brilliant cut, color gemstones or stones in a baguette cut or princess cut are also used. For instance, a ring with gemstones based on the month of birth (called birthstones) interspersed with diamonds would no doubt please most women.

The most popular method to set the stones in these rings is with a channel setting or with prongs, but eternity rings with a pavé setting also exist. In these, the stones sit side by side with tiny gaps in between them and they are held in place by small beads. Each of these types of settings is designed to make the sparkle of all of the gemstones around the ring stand out.

What occasions are eternity rings suitable for?

As you already know, eternity rings make a great gift for a wedding anniversary or for other milestones in a relationship where you want to express your never ending love for your dear other half. They have also come to be one of the most popular styles of wedding rings.

How to wear an eternity ring

There are no set rules but if you want to follow tradition, then wear the eternity ring between your wedding and engagement ring on the one finger. But if you would like to draw more attention to the beauty and uniqueness of this piece of jewelry then you could wear it by itself on your other – that way it certainly won’t escape anyone’s attention.

Given the widespread popularity of diamond wedding rings, it’s no wonder that eternity rings have recently started getting more attention. Have they won you over too?


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