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Having graduated from Durham University, Yasmin Cowan is a freelance fashion and lifestyle writer based in London. She runs The Strong Life Collective, a website covering fitness, fashion, lifestyle, and wellbeing with a focus on mental health.

Emilio de la Morena Fall 2018: London Fashion Week

Emilio de la Morena London Fashion Week FW18

A major theme at London FASHION WEEK AW2018 was female empowerment, with many designers exploring gender and queer philosophy.

Spanish designer Emilio de la Morena was no exception. His Autumn/Winter 2018 collection played on the omnipresent theme of gender roles seen in Barbara Streisand’s 1983 musical, “Yentl”. The collection embodied the perfect contrast between femininity and masculinity. Bold, vibrant colours and sharp androgynous tailoring was mixed with the feminine allure of ruffled dresses, silk flounces and sultry organza.

Emilio de la Morena: London FW18

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Varying silhouettes weaved through the collection. From the classic 1980’s padded shoulders and cinched waists to oversized tweed and brocade coats with detachable fake fur collars.The designer’s bid to provide women a freedom of choice was vividly demonstrated. The Emilio de la Morena woman this season is empowered. She is uninhibited. She is not afraid to defy conformity in pursuit of autonomy.


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