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Emerging Talents Designers

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Gianluca Alibrando, a passionate bridge between pure visual and musical art. The shapes of Gianluca Alibrando, a clear neoclassical inspiration, the importance of true harmony, a sophisticated and unprecedented stylistic combination of passions – Fashion and Music – of the Artist. Rustling of silk, bright of taffeta, perfumed like roses, red, tee or white, her clothes are a celebration of the Eternal feminine, an harmonized song to the starry sky, a triumph for the senses of the Woman who wears them even before who watches them. Hatches and sketches designed under an eternal soundtrack, on the impalpable smell of roses, given to the Woman with the same passion of the Casta Diva turned to the Moon.

Gianluca Alibrando does not follow his time phenomena, he is inspired by the ethereal and eternal Greek beauty, the ancient Roman art; she loves silk, whose rustling reminds to ancient women’s steps, she loves white, which is the essence of the marble, she loves the red painted in the walls of Pompeii, she loves the grave and painful voice of Maria Callas…

Emerging Talents Designers

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Gianluca Alibrando reworks all of this in a modern aesthetic.

Today, the shades of rose… Yes, the New Collection is a rose offered to a Woman who wants to accept the gift of an ideal concept of Grace, Style, Refinement and Politeness… a pinch of Art in everyday life.


Camila Arraes is the creator of Renda and she is absolutely in love with everything that is singular and unique. In the production, they work with handmade laces such as the renaissance lace, the bilro, the richelieu embroidery and the labyrinth. All the creations are developed by the careful work of the seamstresses that, using thread, talent, needle and lace, turn cotton yarn into art. Rescuing the renaissance lace tradition, that came originally from Italy and was spread through our northeastern backcountry by the Portuguese. Rendá is born from the talent of northeastern women that create and recreate their knowledge through their delicate, laborious and unique handwork. Among the simplicity and luxury, the brand maintains the tradition of the lace seamstresses alive, rescuing the strength and femininity of the brazilian woman.


The brand KF – Kelferey is eco-sustainable, that uses recyclable and reusable cloth . The pieces are unique and custom made. The KF style is to dress a conscious women with a vision of the future, valuing the organic rather than the industrial. Our goal is to dress with personality and conscience. The brand DNA is 100% Brazilian, the prints and modeling reveal the brazilianness around the world, through fluid and elegant fabrics will lead these women to cross borders in pursuit of their goals.


Urban and unique. Based in Zadar Croatia. Becha design is showing you new way of urban elegance. Handmade fashion pieces full of details. Collection SS2020 PEARL VIBE is inspired with sea, waves and summer breeze. Main material is tulle, organza and silk all made in romantic story with strong vibe. Transparency and ruffles all together in fashion game.


We create timeless clothes. What guides us is the feeling and the heart. Fashion is a choice… We choose not to start from what is common, but from what is true. We are a clothing brand for women who do not fear acting, dreaming, daring. Who are not afraid of being themselves. The key elements of the company DNA is freedom, boldness, vision and value statement. We play with the patterns and turn them into what suits us: a timeless, unique fashion with a strong personality and big dreams. Renata, the designer, turns the unlike into the possible. Better yet, in desire. It is that piece you would never think would suit you, but when she guides you and shows you, you see how much that was missing in your wardrobe and you didn’t even know it.
The great role of the designer is to escape from what is commonplace It’s having an open mind to build anything on top of anything. No wonder one of the greatest design methodologies adopted comes from a book by Bruno Munari called “things are born things”. That is what it is about, from clothes, clothes are born. Women are born allowing themselves to be happy with who they are and confident. From clothing comes permission and love.
This is how Renata works and it is on this great pillar that Honória has been born. Moreover, the great story that gives heart to this construction is that of her relationship with her grandmother Honória. A meaningful phrase is when Renata says: “My grandmother used to sew to make the house beautiful”. And she highlights the perfectionism and care with which the pieces were made by her grandmother.


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